21 July 2016

Cat Calls - A rant

It's not normal for me to do these sorts of posts and I rarely get angry about such trivial things but driving the other day on a dual carriage I experienced my first on the road cat call.

A drive through cat call if you will, minus sadly the mcfluffy and chicken nuggets.

Laughable really, if it wasn't insanely dangerous, slowing down on the outside overtaking lane to speak to me through the window for 4-5 minutes veering into my lane.

 Strangely young man in the cap and grubby stained tracksuit I didn't find your aggressive shouting attractive. Nor did I think I myself was particularly attractive in leggins an oversized jumper, no make up, with my special driving shoes on (21 going on 80). 

I don't think I ever have or will hear of a love at first shout on the dual carriage way- sorry to burst your bubble.

I am not sure what you expected, to intimidate me? To shower me with aggressive and demeaning language from your ford fiesta. What startled me the most is how you thought it was appropriate to address any woman in this manner. Would you do this to your Mum? Your employer? I for one highly doubt that.

 This isn't my first experience of a catcall, would it be appropriate if I was wearing a dress and heels? No. Would it be appropriate if I was wearing a jumper and leggins. No. For those who say take it as a compliment, I find these situations intimidating and often very frightening, not in any way a compliment.

 I don't feel the butterflies when my friends or myself get honked at walking across the road. So next time you think its a compliment to toot or shout from your car at any woman or man for that matter, I suggest you enquire about the definition of a 'compliment'.