17 May 2016

N07 Total Renewal: Brasivol Dupe

 I stumbled across this scrub after scouring high and low for a dupe for Brasivol. Those of you who are not familiar with Brasivol or weren't *cries*  it was a aluminium oxide based scrub which did wonders for easily blocked pores leaving you with super soft skin. Unfortunately, its been discontinued. Who knows why. Alas the only available one I could find was £150 on Amazon... yes you heard right, probably was the last one to exist on the planet. So on my next trip to my dermatologist I asked him WHY?! To which he looked blankly at me and said this contained the same ingredients to get a grip and be on my way.

First Impressions: This scrub is quite expensive for the amount you get £11 for a small little tube however it does do the job and fills brasivols hole in my heart. It contains aluminium oxide (like brasivol) and has the same gritty texture. It takes off all of my make up and you only need a small amount. On the packet it says only use a few times a week but I use this every day as I did with brasivol, but you know your skin, if its too much, stop. Its all about how long you rub your face for so don't go overboard please.

I really like this scrub, its no frills, no nonsense but does what it says on the tin!

Have you tried this scrub? Do you know why/where Brasivol has gone?

Lots of Love F x

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