18 January 2016

PIXI Glow Tonic Review

After struggling with my skin with hormones and university stress (alcohol and diet sorry Mum!) I decided I needed to stop swapping and changing my routine as soon as I had a flare up. I panic at the first sign of redness or a spot and throw 10% Panoxyl and dove soap at my face creating peeley red mess which isn't pretty. My new years resolution is to actually try skin care routines for around 3 weeks and if it doesn't work I can justify throwing the £28 cleanser in the bin, rather than leaving it on my bathroom shelf for 6 months until I panic again and try something new. Sound familiar or is just me? 

I first came across this toner from Caroline Hirons (I am probably Caroline Hirons biggest fan.) I have been to see dermatologists and nothing they have given me have worked except her no nonsense advice which I will be eternally grateful for! So I religiously follow her cleansing cheat sheet routine and this was a recommendation from her.So I have altered my routine to a balm cleanse, acid toner, hydrate tone and moisturise every morning and evening. 

The results:


The bottle is tinged orange to give the appearance of an orange liquid and the toner itself is only slightly coloured. The screw cap is easy to pop on and off and the lid allows a little to drop out slowly. This toner is very similar to the Bravura toner and smells very similar due to similar ingredients. However, Bravura's toner is much smaller (150ml) and £12.40, whereas PIXI is £18 for 250ml from Marks and Spencer so you get more bang for your buck with PIXI!

The smell is a fresh, comforting citrus and aloe vera smell. I add a few drops to a fresh cotton pad after balm cleansing and sweep it over active spots or indeed those under the skin ones and hold the cotton pad until the sting subsides and the bleeding stops. I do look quite red after this so I enjoy taking the redness down with the body shops aloe calming cleanser which does the job nicely and use a few drops of Clarins lotus oil.

The toner is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, smells amazing and the best part it actually works. In the morning I wake up with smoother skin, with a reduction in size of active spots. So if you are looking for an acid toner but unsure if it will actually work? Take it from someone who has tried a lot of disappointing products, that this does!

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