20 August 2015


 Recently, after hearing the hype I decided to try BOOTEA before going on holiday in an attempt to cleanse and combat my bloating issues. I have mixed thoughts regarding the whole experience. The morning tea tasted un offensive, like lemon green tea, I added a little honey some mornings when I wanted something sweeter, I do reccomened adding a teaspoon of honey if green tea isn't for you. However, I could have just bought green tea with lemon which is £1.69 on Ocado. A whole lot cheaper than £19.99 for a 14 day detox from BOOTEA and tastes the same.

 What perhaps ruined this whole experience for me was the price of the tea and more importantly the bed time tea. The website states "You should be aware that the Bedtime Cleanse tea bags will most likely induce a laxative effect. We therefore advise that the first time you use this tea bag should be on a weekend or a day off (giving yourself time to see how your body reacts to the ingredients & you can go to the toilet when necessary). The effects are not THAT serious, however we don’t want any embarrassing situations." I disagree with this statement, the effects for me were rather serious. After brewing the tea in a mug for 3 minutes I drank it and awoke in the morning with stomach cramps and had to run to the loo. Thinking I may have brewed the tea for too long the next time I used the tea I left the tea for about a minute thinking the effects would be less intense. I was wrong. I still had cramps the next morning and had to run to the bathroom. However, I accept that this is not true for everyone as my friend also tried the tea and did not have the same embarrassing and painful bathroom symptoms. However, I will NOT buy this product again and if I did in the future I would look for a cheaper alternative. I also have concerns which the dailymail brought up regarding the issues with contraceptive pill and this tea. A little alarming that something so serious is not directly on the packaging just on the website...... but thats just my opinion.

*This tea was bought with my own money and is my own review.

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