20 August 2015


 Recently, after hearing the hype I decided to try BOOTEA before going on holiday in an attempt to cleanse and combat my bloating issues. I have mixed thoughts regarding the whole experience. The morning tea tasted un offensive, like lemon green tea, I added a little honey some mornings when I wanted something sweeter, I do reccomened adding a teaspoon of honey if green tea isn't for you. However, I could have just bought green tea with lemon which is £1.69 on Ocado. A whole lot cheaper than £19.99 for a 14 day detox from BOOTEA and tastes the same.

 What perhaps ruined this whole experience for me was the price of the tea and more importantly the bed time tea. The website states "You should be aware that the Bedtime Cleanse tea bags will most likely induce a laxative effect. We therefore advise that the first time you use this tea bag should be on a weekend or a day off (giving yourself time to see how your body reacts to the ingredients & you can go to the toilet when necessary). The effects are not THAT serious, however we don’t want any embarrassing situations." I disagree with this statement, the effects for me were rather serious. After brewing the tea in a mug for 3 minutes I drank it and awoke in the morning with stomach cramps and had to run to the loo. Thinking I may have brewed the tea for too long the next time I used the tea I left the tea for about a minute thinking the effects would be less intense. I was wrong. I still had cramps the next morning and had to run to the bathroom. However, I accept that this is not true for everyone as my friend also tried the tea and did not have the same embarrassing and painful bathroom symptoms. However, I will NOT buy this product again and if I did in the future I would look for a cheaper alternative. I also have concerns which the dailymail brought up regarding the issues with contraceptive pill and this tea. A little alarming that something so serious is not directly on the packaging just on the website...... but thats just my opinion.

*This tea was bought with my own money and is my own review.

11 August 2015

Travel Blog: Grand Hotel Des Alps Chamonix

Recently I stayed in the Grand Hotel Des Alps in Chamonix. The experience was a delight from start to finish. I have regularly stayed in this hotel and it is perfect with views of Mont Blanc and terraces where you can here the fresh glacier river running below the hotel. It was the perfect place to unwind with a cocktail in the sunshine while looking at the beauty of Mont Blanc.

 We took the cable car and train up the mountain which I recommend you do if you visit and explore the glacier! The views were incredible!

As a geography student this was a perfect opportunity for me to widen my glacial knowledge! The hotel is luxurious, our  Mount Blanc room had a balcony over looking the river and mountains. The beds were so comfortable and the duvets out of this world. We slept with the windows open to be woken by natural sunlight and to fall asleep to the sound of water. It was such a relaxing stay and I am itching to go back.

08 August 2015

Summer Beauty Haul

Summer is one of my favourite seasons to experiment with bright colours, textures and floral scents. During the hotter weather and when on holiday I normally opt for minimal make up, which will take under 10 minutes to apply and a fresh light floral scents. So while in France on holiday I bought those exact things.

Daisy has been my signature perfume for a while. I sometimes swap and change, but am usually left disappointed.  I always seem to come back to this scent. It is perfectly light and refreshing but floral at the same time. This 50 ml (£54) bottle is the perfect travel size to take on holiday with me. The scent lasts all day and I always get compliments about what perfume I am wearing when I wear daisy. This perfume is always in my handbag and on my beauty stand as for me nothing has yet compared to the scent and longevity of this perfume! 

 This MAC lipstick (£15.50) in the shade relentlessly red is perfect for summer. Its matte, easy to apply and didn't bleed when I applied. The bright fuchsia red I found perfect for summer evenings or going out for dinner, adding a little glamour to an outfit.

This too faced mascara (£26) is a new to me. I have been hearing rave reviews about the mascara from my friends and after seeing it Sephora I decided to purchase it. The application is a dream. The curved wand ensures all the lashes are curved and lengthened and there are no clumps which is surprising due to the thick constancy of the mascara. This mascara when applied made a dramatic difference to my lashes. In the evenings I added a few extra coats for bit of drama to my evening make up. This is by far my favourite mascara and will be on of my make up bag staples. (There will be a review purely based on this mascara soon when I have worn it for a few weeks to make sure I am giving you a true review as always!)

What are your summer staples?