20 May 2015

Are you Beach Body Ready?

This is a sentence that has got a lot of stick recently. With many bashing Protein World's depiction of what a beach body should look like and if yours doesn't then you have a problem. 

Alas this body shaming tactics to promote brands is sadly familiar to me, I have on a number of occasions looked up healthy recipe ideas or work out routines and got a newsletter option 'pop up', asking me to sign up or press 'no thanks, I already have my beach body.'

I can't really think of anyone thinking their body as a 'beach body' or are 100% happy with their stomach, thighs, arms and skin. So why make people feel bad about themselves in order to promote your brand? The sad reality is most of us are very insecure with our appearance and the shameful branding tactics actually make ourselves feel worse, when actually we just don't want any of your incessant emails about how to shred 50 pounds in 5 days, thank you. 

I have always admired doves branding for the every day women, noticing that all shapes and sizes are human and should not be belittled. 

Today upon waking up I scrolled through Instagram and saw photo upon photo of 'skinny' girls wearing bikinis frolicking in the sun and my heart sank a little. I like any 20 year old girl am conscious of how I look, I go to the gym and have insecurities about myself. Yet, when thinking about it, I asked myself, do I really know anyone who looks that perfect? With a tiny waist, feminine hips, thigh gap and glowing complexion. No. Is the simple answer. I do not know anyone who looks like that, why? Because the truth is I don't think anyone actually look like that. Photoshop, make up, filters and angles may make the beautiful instagrams but in reality that is not possible. 

I find it inspiring when I see women with normal size bodies be shamed for being too big for the beach. Recently Lauren Goodger was praised for loosing a few pounds but still had a while to go. I saw the photos and saw a normal looking healthy woman. The obsession of how you must look is horrendous, we as women should support each other, not shame or feel better about ourselves by seeing 'bigger' or 'too thin' people. 

I know this trend also goes for petite frames, who are called too thin when they live healthy lifestyles. What I have accepted is that your body is AMAZING. It is keeping you alive every day, it nourishes you, protects you from disease and illness, do not punish it by fad dangerous diets. Nourish it and love it. Eat a balanced diet and exercise but stop the negative thinking which is fuelled by branding. 

Life is too short to cry over that tub of ice cream you just ate. 

Love F x

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