26 March 2015

Healthy Organic Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast I find is always a difficult time to eat healthily for me. I am rushing to get showered, dressed fumble around my make up bag and attempt to do wing eyeliner in a matter of seconds. So I sometimes cheat healthy breakfast for a muffin when I get on campus and a chai latte. Naughty. Side note, you don't know what Chai tea is unless you try costa's. Heaven on Earth. Just saying. 

So I this month I have been thinking of healthy recipe ideas for the morning rush. I always see instagram's of these super healthy girls with a piece of spinach and omelette and I gag a little. Maybe just me but I want breakfast to be exciting and yummy and healthy, is it too much to ask?! So I thought I would share with you my new creation, Frozen Smoothie bowls or "NICE cream" as some people like to call it! 

What you will need: A blender.

2 Frozen bananas 
A handful of spinach
2 tsp of Raw Cacao powder
a cup of water with 4 ice cubes


Then i decorated mine with half a banana, chai seeds, desiccated un sweetened coconut and raw granola!

It was so yummy! Tastes like a chocolate smoothie but the best bit it was healthy and it contained leafy spinach without being off putting and I couldn't taste it! 

Hope you like this recipe! Let me know if you would like me to create more of these yummy healthy recipe ideas!

Also my boyfriend made this spoon for me! Do you like it? 

Love F x