09 January 2015

Silver Serum Review

I like many of you, have read the article on the daily mail about the woman who claimed miracles from this little bottle. Maybe I am pessimistic but I don't feel any product can claim such miracles and I am sceptical at those who do as I end up feeling angry and annoyed at said brands when they do.

I have heard about the fantastic effects of silver so I am going to give it a try. 

Before buying ANY product I research my little cotton socks off. Its my money, I want to make sure it is going to a good product and not a rubbish one. Simples.

 However, when searching for reviews on silver serum I saw hardly any.  *first eyebrow*. The reviews I could find were one or two blogs, the dailymail or the actual stocker of this product skin shop. I also scoured youtube and saw the brands own  channel which showed testers of the product in very poor quality and in make up.... *second eyebrow*

I don't know about you, but this is my biggest annoyance that brands claim it will change your life, you will become flawless and 20 years younger then plaster their testers in thick foundation. Sorry forgot my X-ray goggles.

Now this all being said, as it is such a hot topic, and the reviews I have seen have been very good I decided to part with my £12.95 and order. It came pretty swiftly with no quibbles from me except it doesn't have a seal and the product had leaked into the cap which is annoying seeing as the tube is £12.95 for 50 ml. But other than that the service was incredibly fast.

I will be trying this product over 3 weeks and will update weekly to highlight my experience with the product and whether I love it or give it a *third eyebrow*. 

So watch this space...


  1. I'm so pleased someone external to the company is reviewing it! I look forward to hearing your thoughts. :)

  2. How is the treatment going? x

  3. Hi! I have written an update on the blog! Sorry for the delay, laptop issues! Thanks for bearing with! x