28 December 2015


Hello lovelies,

Please take a look at my first youtube video. On this channel I will upload baking videos weekly! Let me know what you all think!

Love F x

06 September 2015

Caitlyn Jenner: Brave?

After watching I am Caitlyn with my Mother tonight, I speculated the question of what makes us brave? What attributes do we give to someone who is brave? Are they strong mentally and physically? Do they fight battles, protect the vulnerable? This question is different for everyone of us. For most however, I would say that the definition of brave is overcoming a fear. However this fear is represented, such as physical danger or mental anxiety, the conquering of such in my eyes makes you brave. What has caught my attention recently was the backlash over Caitlyn Jenner receiving a bravery award. I have seen many comments comparing her to a soldier or war hero, stating she is unworthy. I am tied between two sides of this comparison. I have no doubt in my mind someone who is risking their life, facing death to help others, is brave. However, lets go back to these qualities which make us brave. If you are bullied and gather the courage to dismiss these people who bring you pain. You are brave. You get through a life threatening illness. You are brave. We all have obstacles which we have to overcome which is worthy of the title of brave. However, we do not win awards, granted. I am a firm believer that you should always be yourself, whoever that may be. I do not think its right people bash someone just because they do not represent their definition of braveness. Nor do I think anyone deserves an award more than a soldier who risks their life on a daily basis to protect us.

You can not give awards for the infinite definitions of what brave stands for. This award signifies that we live in a world where its considered brave to be yourself....

 For those who disagree, I invite you to dig a little deeper. We shouldn’t be aggravated by the definition of what brave is but instead take issue with the regimented ideals of normality, that has made being yourself a fear. What I take from this dispute is the important theme of acceptance. Acceptance to be who you are. I think overcoming any obstacle however big or small is brave. You should take a moment each day to realise how great you are. Thank yourself for being you, to accept yourself, love yourself. We live in a world where we experience increased negativity from others, online or offline. Someone is ready and waiting to negatively review you so why do it to yourself? Its time to give yourself a bravery award and be your authentic self.

Sara Bareilles- Brave
*Note: I am not comparing bravery, my aim for this post is to simply discuss the definition of brave.

20 August 2015


 Recently, after hearing the hype I decided to try BOOTEA before going on holiday in an attempt to cleanse and combat my bloating issues. I have mixed thoughts regarding the whole experience. The morning tea tasted un offensive, like lemon green tea, I added a little honey some mornings when I wanted something sweeter, I do reccomened adding a teaspoon of honey if green tea isn't for you. However, I could have just bought green tea with lemon which is £1.69 on Ocado. A whole lot cheaper than £19.99 for a 14 day detox from BOOTEA and tastes the same.

 What perhaps ruined this whole experience for me was the price of the tea and more importantly the bed time tea. The website states "You should be aware that the Bedtime Cleanse tea bags will most likely induce a laxative effect. We therefore advise that the first time you use this tea bag should be on a weekend or a day off (giving yourself time to see how your body reacts to the ingredients & you can go to the toilet when necessary). The effects are not THAT serious, however we don’t want any embarrassing situations." I disagree with this statement, the effects for me were rather serious. After brewing the tea in a mug for 3 minutes I drank it and awoke in the morning with stomach cramps and had to run to the loo. Thinking I may have brewed the tea for too long the next time I used the tea I left the tea for about a minute thinking the effects would be less intense. I was wrong. I still had cramps the next morning and had to run to the bathroom. However, I accept that this is not true for everyone as my friend also tried the tea and did not have the same embarrassing and painful bathroom symptoms. However, I will NOT buy this product again and if I did in the future I would look for a cheaper alternative. I also have concerns which the dailymail brought up regarding the issues with contraceptive pill and this tea. A little alarming that something so serious is not directly on the packaging just on the website...... but thats just my opinion.

*This tea was bought with my own money and is my own review.

11 August 2015

Travel Blog: Grand Hotel Des Alps Chamonix

Recently I stayed in the Grand Hotel Des Alps in Chamonix. The experience was a delight from start to finish. I have regularly stayed in this hotel and it is perfect with views of Mont Blanc and terraces where you can here the fresh glacier river running below the hotel. It was the perfect place to unwind with a cocktail in the sunshine while looking at the beauty of Mont Blanc.

 We took the cable car and train up the mountain which I recommend you do if you visit and explore the glacier! The views were incredible!

As a geography student this was a perfect opportunity for me to widen my glacial knowledge! The hotel is luxurious, our  Mount Blanc room had a balcony over looking the river and mountains. The beds were so comfortable and the duvets out of this world. We slept with the windows open to be woken by natural sunlight and to fall asleep to the sound of water. It was such a relaxing stay and I am itching to go back.

08 August 2015

Summer Beauty Haul

Summer is one of my favourite seasons to experiment with bright colours, textures and floral scents. During the hotter weather and when on holiday I normally opt for minimal make up, which will take under 10 minutes to apply and a fresh light floral scents. So while in France on holiday I bought those exact things.

Daisy has been my signature perfume for a while. I sometimes swap and change, but am usually left disappointed.  I always seem to come back to this scent. It is perfectly light and refreshing but floral at the same time. This 50 ml (£54) bottle is the perfect travel size to take on holiday with me. The scent lasts all day and I always get compliments about what perfume I am wearing when I wear daisy. This perfume is always in my handbag and on my beauty stand as for me nothing has yet compared to the scent and longevity of this perfume! 

 This MAC lipstick (£15.50) in the shade relentlessly red is perfect for summer. Its matte, easy to apply and didn't bleed when I applied. The bright fuchsia red I found perfect for summer evenings or going out for dinner, adding a little glamour to an outfit.

This too faced mascara (£26) is a new to me. I have been hearing rave reviews about the mascara from my friends and after seeing it Sephora I decided to purchase it. The application is a dream. The curved wand ensures all the lashes are curved and lengthened and there are no clumps which is surprising due to the thick constancy of the mascara. This mascara when applied made a dramatic difference to my lashes. In the evenings I added a few extra coats for bit of drama to my evening make up. This is by far my favourite mascara and will be on of my make up bag staples. (There will be a review purely based on this mascara soon when I have worn it for a few weeks to make sure I am giving you a true review as always!)

What are your summer staples?

20 May 2015

Are you Beach Body Ready?

This is a sentence that has got a lot of stick recently. With many bashing Protein World's depiction of what a beach body should look like and if yours doesn't then you have a problem. 

Alas this body shaming tactics to promote brands is sadly familiar to me, I have on a number of occasions looked up healthy recipe ideas or work out routines and got a newsletter option 'pop up', asking me to sign up or press 'no thanks, I already have my beach body.'

I can't really think of anyone thinking their body as a 'beach body' or are 100% happy with their stomach, thighs, arms and skin. So why make people feel bad about themselves in order to promote your brand? The sad reality is most of us are very insecure with our appearance and the shameful branding tactics actually make ourselves feel worse, when actually we just don't want any of your incessant emails about how to shred 50 pounds in 5 days, thank you. 

I have always admired doves branding for the every day women, noticing that all shapes and sizes are human and should not be belittled. 

Today upon waking up I scrolled through Instagram and saw photo upon photo of 'skinny' girls wearing bikinis frolicking in the sun and my heart sank a little. I like any 20 year old girl am conscious of how I look, I go to the gym and have insecurities about myself. Yet, when thinking about it, I asked myself, do I really know anyone who looks that perfect? With a tiny waist, feminine hips, thigh gap and glowing complexion. No. Is the simple answer. I do not know anyone who looks like that, why? Because the truth is I don't think anyone actually look like that. Photoshop, make up, filters and angles may make the beautiful instagrams but in reality that is not possible. 

I find it inspiring when I see women with normal size bodies be shamed for being too big for the beach. Recently Lauren Goodger was praised for loosing a few pounds but still had a while to go. I saw the photos and saw a normal looking healthy woman. The obsession of how you must look is horrendous, we as women should support each other, not shame or feel better about ourselves by seeing 'bigger' or 'too thin' people. 

I know this trend also goes for petite frames, who are called too thin when they live healthy lifestyles. What I have accepted is that your body is AMAZING. It is keeping you alive every day, it nourishes you, protects you from disease and illness, do not punish it by fad dangerous diets. Nourish it and love it. Eat a balanced diet and exercise but stop the negative thinking which is fuelled by branding. 

Life is too short to cry over that tub of ice cream you just ate. 

Love F x

26 March 2015

Healthy Organic Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast I find is always a difficult time to eat healthily for me. I am rushing to get showered, dressed fumble around my make up bag and attempt to do wing eyeliner in a matter of seconds. So I sometimes cheat healthy breakfast for a muffin when I get on campus and a chai latte. Naughty. Side note, you don't know what Chai tea is unless you try costa's. Heaven on Earth. Just saying. 

So I this month I have been thinking of healthy recipe ideas for the morning rush. I always see instagram's of these super healthy girls with a piece of spinach and omelette and I gag a little. Maybe just me but I want breakfast to be exciting and yummy and healthy, is it too much to ask?! So I thought I would share with you my new creation, Frozen Smoothie bowls or "NICE cream" as some people like to call it! 

What you will need: A blender.

2 Frozen bananas 
A handful of spinach
2 tsp of Raw Cacao powder
a cup of water with 4 ice cubes


Then i decorated mine with half a banana, chai seeds, desiccated un sweetened coconut and raw granola!

It was so yummy! Tastes like a chocolate smoothie but the best bit it was healthy and it contained leafy spinach without being off putting and I couldn't taste it! 

Hope you like this recipe! Let me know if you would like me to create more of these yummy healthy recipe ideas!

Also my boyfriend made this spoon for me! Do you like it? 

Love F x

07 February 2015

Silver Serum Update

I apologise for my late review of this. I have had a few laptop difficulties but I am finally reunited with my key board! Thanks for bearing with me!

First things first, I have been applying this periodically when I get a breakout and I haven't unfortunately noticed much difference.

Although, my skin feels smoother,  it has not helped calm or reduce breakouts.  I shall keep trying with this and see if it improves with constant application but as of yet I unfortunately cannot say this has helped me.

 I am rather annoyed by this after reading the flurry of good press about it but I think my immediate suspicions were right, anything claiming miracles will realistically leave you disappointed. The most effective product I have found on the market for any break outs is acne.org with 2.5% BP. This is the ONLY product which has helped me.

 If you follow the routine EXACTLY as it says it will work. I used it with washcloths and it did not work as well, however, after reading comments that you need to be extremely gentle I then stopped and just used water to rinse and it cleared all my breakouts within a week. As always this is my personal opinion on both products, what works for some may not work for others but I completely agree with the acne.org hype. I hope this helps and you find my alternatives which worked for me useful if you also had the same problems with silver serum.

I would love to know if you have tried silver serum to see what you think? Or acne.org?

Let me know in the comments :)

Love F x

*my reviews are always my personal opinion and I am no way affiliated with acne.org or silver serum

Healthy Lunch Idea

I always find it difficult making a healthy lunch. I am usually rushing in between lectures so either grab something like a wrap or sandwich or if I'm really in a rush a piece of cake or bag of crisps to nibble on in my ill timed lectures. So with it being a new year and all that, I thought that I would concentrate on finding non boring tasty recipes which don't involve limp salad and a few soggy tomatoes. 
 I stumbled across a healthy crab cake recipe which substituted oat cakes for bread and so I adapted it with rivita thins and tuna as that was what was in my cupboard on that particular day.

What you will need:

6 rivta thins/oat cakes
2 tins of tuna
1 spring onion
1 egg
1 chilli or two depending on your spice tolerance.

Mix all ingredients together and pan cook with fry light 1 calorie oil for 3 mins each side

Drizzle with some sliced lemon and pair with a fresh green salad and garlic mayonnaise!

Hope you enjoy!

Love F x

09 January 2015

Silver Serum Review

I like many of you, have read the article on the daily mail about the woman who claimed miracles from this little bottle. Maybe I am pessimistic but I don't feel any product can claim such miracles and I am sceptical at those who do as I end up feeling angry and annoyed at said brands when they do.

I have heard about the fantastic effects of silver so I am going to give it a try. 

Before buying ANY product I research my little cotton socks off. Its my money, I want to make sure it is going to a good product and not a rubbish one. Simples.

 However, when searching for reviews on silver serum I saw hardly any.  *first eyebrow*. The reviews I could find were one or two blogs, the dailymail or the actual stocker of this product skin shop. I also scoured youtube and saw the brands own  channel which showed testers of the product in very poor quality and in make up.... *second eyebrow*

I don't know about you, but this is my biggest annoyance that brands claim it will change your life, you will become flawless and 20 years younger then plaster their testers in thick foundation. Sorry forgot my X-ray goggles.

Now this all being said, as it is such a hot topic, and the reviews I have seen have been very good I decided to part with my £12.95 and order. It came pretty swiftly with no quibbles from me except it doesn't have a seal and the product had leaked into the cap which is annoying seeing as the tube is £12.95 for 50 ml. But other than that the service was incredibly fast.

I will be trying this product over 3 weeks and will update weekly to highlight my experience with the product and whether I love it or give it a *third eyebrow*. 

So watch this space...

Exciting & Easy Salad Ideas

I don't know about you, watching tv I am bombarded with diet plans, which adds to the guilt while I watch the real house wives curled up on the sofa with my cup of tea and mini roll. (Sorrynotsorry)

The idea of ordering a salad in a restaurant to me is really boring. Leafy green stuff which adds no flavour and doesn't fill me up and so I just end up binging undoing all the good work.

So I thought that I would share with you my healthy exciting go to salad recipe.

It still is good for you but contains yummy things to help jazz it up a bit.

What you will need:
A handful of olives diced
A handful of Cherry Tomatoes
Iceberg lettuce
1 tin of tuna
A handful of pumpkin seeds
1 hard boiled egg (optional)

 I added an egg to help fill me up.
What healthy salads do you like? Do let me know if you like these healthy recipes I love making them and eating them so I will endeavour to make more!

Have an amazing day!

Love F x