05 August 2014

A Level Results

If like me you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs having a severe rather premature mid life crisis, then probably like me you are waiting for A level results.

A time stated to be the best, to go wild, say yolo to your school or college when in fact you are a nervous wreck, re watching the Kardashians in fleece pyjamas eating galaxy and drinking coupious amounts of tea, whilst attempting to come up with a clearing structure when your world falls apart on the 14th of August.

Just me?

But today as I was on the phone to an apple technition who told me I was unable to buy a new machine (since my 'vintage' white apple mac Gloria died a painful death due to tea spilage) who informed me unless I get a' unconditional offer' I am unable to get that sought after student discount. It made me think, I actually cannot get said student discount if I do not get into a university and thus I can not buy a new apple laptop. Cry. More knock on effects.

However, I have come to the realisation that perhaps I will still carrying on living even if my results arent what I expect and I dont get an apple discount.  Prompted by my reading of a teacher who tried to calm her students about GCSE'S (remember them?) that nobody will care in 5 years time and she was named and shamed for saying so. I for one think its awful the pressure put on young people to achieve at a time when its difficult enough finding out who you are as a person. I for one agree nobody does care what you got 5 years ago, who says that your intelligence and work ethic should be goverened on a 90 minute exam and not your work through the entire year? Doesnt seem fair really does it?

So I am trying to relax myself by congratulating myself for actually getting through school, it doesnt make me any less of an intelligent human being if results are not what I expect and you should do the same.

Love F x

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