12 August 2014

Healthy Chocolate Fudge Cake

Healthy and chocolate fudge cake aren't two words used in the same sentence. However, I have found a recipe where fats are replaced by the wondrous coconut oil.

07 August 2014

How to: Tie Dye

 On a hot summers day what is better than tie dying? So today I did some tie dying and made my first youtube video of a how to which will be uploaded tomorrow! So keep your eyes peeled! And please do give me any feed back (and be nice!)

What you will need: Your choice of dye's, salt, bottles, rubber bands, bottles and warm water

06 August 2014

Skin Care Staple: Liz Earle

We all have those comfort products that you just know does what it says on the tin. I have that feeling with every Liz Earle product. After recently having run out of my cleanse and polish I thought I would share with you my despair and why I will be repurchasing again.

Lets first talk about the consistency. The cream formula is thick and smells divine. Enriched with rosemary it melts even eye make up. Fabulous, if, like me and wipes cause your eyes to go red and sting, then cleanse and Polish is for you.

What is even better about Liz Earle, is that if bought online, your cleanser is gift wrapped and signed by a member of staff (an actual human, none of the computer nonsense) so you know you are actually receiving something which has been checked for excellence and is something very special.

Perhaps the main reason why I love this product so much is that I notice the difference when I do not use this product. Thats why I will be itching to pop into my local boots to stock up on this wonder creamy cleanser!

There is a reason it is talked about so much....

See what all the fuss is about: http://uk.lizearle.com/cleanse-tone-moisturise/cleanse-and-polish-hot-cloth-cleanser.html?about

What are your experiences with Liz Earle?

Love F

05 August 2014

A Level Results

If like me you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs having a severe rather premature mid life crisis, then probably like me you are waiting for A level results.

A time stated to be the best, to go wild, say yolo to your school or college when in fact you are a nervous wreck, re watching the Kardashians in fleece pyjamas eating galaxy and drinking coupious amounts of tea, whilst attempting to come up with a clearing structure when your world falls apart on the 14th of August.

Just me?

But today as I was on the phone to an apple technition who told me I was unable to buy a new machine (since my 'vintage' white apple mac Gloria died a painful death due to tea spilage) who informed me unless I get a' unconditional offer' I am unable to get that sought after student discount. It made me think, I actually cannot get said student discount if I do not get into a university and thus I can not buy a new apple laptop. Cry. More knock on effects.

However, I have come to the realisation that perhaps I will still carrying on living even if my results arent what I expect and I dont get an apple discount.  Prompted by my reading of a teacher who tried to calm her students about GCSE'S (remember them?) that nobody will care in 5 years time and she was named and shamed for saying so. I for one think its awful the pressure put on young people to achieve at a time when its difficult enough finding out who you are as a person. I for one agree nobody does care what you got 5 years ago, who says that your intelligence and work ethic should be goverened on a 90 minute exam and not your work through the entire year? Doesnt seem fair really does it?

So I am trying to relax myself by congratulating myself for actually getting through school, it doesnt make me any less of an intelligent human being if results are not what I expect and you should do the same.

Love F x