21 July 2014

The Italian Seaside

Having never really ventured into the beaches of Italy due to fears of mechanical rows of sun beds and noisy inhabitants I was pleasantly surprised by what I found when I explored the beaches of Ancona.

At first thinking it was short for Anaconda, I was more than happy that we did not encounter such things on this beach.

 The sun was shining and it was a lovely day to visit. Although off the beaten track this beach still had a few people on it, but I suppose no beach unless you are in rural cornwall in the rain will be completely empty!

 There was a lovely fish restaurant right on the beach which was fabulous if you enjoyed fish. I unfortunately was not tempted by the "fish bacon" and opted for a salad with a few anchovies. It was lovely to be right on the beach though. I would really recommend giving the beaches of Ancona a visit next time you are near the Italian coast line. Be warned of Rimini although if you, like me, are put of by rows of sun-loungers and a mechanical looking beach.

The restaurant felt like a Californian beach hut!

Hope you liked this travel post
Freya x

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  1. It looks amazing - love your travel posts! Keep them coming :) x