07 July 2014

Summer Dinner Dates

Going out for dinner makes me happy to be a girl. Although this may seem rather odd. Growing up watching my mum and two older sisters put on glittery eye shadow, as I gaze at them sitting on the floor donning those shiny heels which swamp me,  smelling the feminine scents waft through the room, I became captivated by the sparkly dresses they had picked out, wishing one day to be as glamourous. This routine of dining out has made me love dinner dates. So I thought I would show you my yummy dinner out with a few of my favorite people in the world: My Family. 

 I normally do not like fish, but this dish was so tasty. A perfect summer starter.
My sister has the most enormous scotch egg I have seen in my life! She said it was delicious!

What is your favorite food when dining out? Are you more adventurous or like to stick to what you know?

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