30 July 2014

Dinner at PING PONG London

I have recently discovered Ping Pong. After contemplating whether or not there were actually ping pong championships which took place there and being slightly put off at the prospect of vigorous competitive excercise and chinese food, I set off with my sisters to check it out.
 I am so glad I did, I ordered the set menu which had 3 mains for around £12! Amazing really when usually just one main course is around the £20 mark in restaurants around London. The food was amazing and the girl who served us was so lovely (makes a real difference if you ask me). It was so yummy! And not at all too scary if like me spicey food makes you feel a bit queezy.

I ordered this hibiscus cocktail too which tasted amazing with a hibicus flower floating in it and elderflower notes. It was a pure treat! Only gripe was mid drinkage I found an ant floating in it. But the aformentioned  waitress was so appologetic and gave it to me for free! I would really recommend trying a ping pong near you as the staff are delightful and the food is affordable and amazing.

Love F x

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