30 July 2014

Dinner at PING PONG London

I have recently discovered Ping Pong. After contemplating whether or not there were actually ping pong championships which took place there and being slightly put off at the prospect of vigorous competitive excercise and chinese food, I set off with my sisters to check it out.
 I am so glad I did, I ordered the set menu which had 3 mains for around £12! Amazing really when usually just one main course is around the £20 mark in restaurants around London. The food was amazing and the girl who served us was so lovely (makes a real difference if you ask me). It was so yummy! And not at all too scary if like me spicey food makes you feel a bit queezy.

I ordered this hibiscus cocktail too which tasted amazing with a hibicus flower floating in it and elderflower notes. It was a pure treat! Only gripe was mid drinkage I found an ant floating in it. But the aformentioned  waitress was so appologetic and gave it to me for free! I would really recommend trying a ping pong near you as the staff are delightful and the food is affordable and amazing.

Love F x

21 July 2014

The Italian Seaside

Having never really ventured into the beaches of Italy due to fears of mechanical rows of sun beds and noisy inhabitants I was pleasantly surprised by what I found when I explored the beaches of Ancona.

At first thinking it was short for Anaconda, I was more than happy that we did not encounter such things on this beach.

 The sun was shining and it was a lovely day to visit. Although off the beaten track this beach still had a few people on it, but I suppose no beach unless you are in rural cornwall in the rain will be completely empty!

 There was a lovely fish restaurant right on the beach which was fabulous if you enjoyed fish. I unfortunately was not tempted by the "fish bacon" and opted for a salad with a few anchovies. It was lovely to be right on the beach though. I would really recommend giving the beaches of Ancona a visit next time you are near the Italian coast line. Be warned of Rimini although if you, like me, are put of by rows of sun-loungers and a mechanical looking beach.

The restaurant felt like a Californian beach hut!

Hope you liked this travel post
Freya x

08 July 2014

Summer Re-decorating

I am obsessed with home ware. I love browsing home sense with my Mum and share her passion for creating homely pretty spaces. I love making a space individual and personal creating spaces which reflect your personality and mood. So this summer I thought I would re decorate my bedroom. It was looking a bit dull and small with the arrangement of my furniture so I thought I would head to home base pick up some paint and hunt around for pillows and flowery throws. So I thought I would let you know where I go to get inspiration and the cheap places to find fabulous home finds. But first let me show you around my bedroom.
 Being an English student, obviously A Midsummer nights dream is one of my favorite plays. I love floral colors, and I wanted my room to reflect my love of the great outdoors. I bought this lovely garland from Boswell & Co on a trip to Oxfordshire. I thought it would be perfect draped over my cream bed head from HomeSense. I love the look of this with my bed head and the floral colors. It looks perfect for summer.
 Also, sticking with the floral theme, I bought a bed throw from ACHICA. I love it, its a perfect girls bedroom and what is most important is that nothing is ridiculously expensive. It is all affordable, it is just knowing where to look.

 I bought these floral storing boxes for my make up and bits and pieces to keep my room tidy and prevent clutter. Again these were a total bargain from HomeSense.
So for the list of 3 of my top homeware shops where I have seen good bargains recently which look elegant and expensive without breaking the bank!

07 July 2014

Summer Dinner Dates

Going out for dinner makes me happy to be a girl. Although this may seem rather odd. Growing up watching my mum and two older sisters put on glittery eye shadow, as I gaze at them sitting on the floor donning those shiny heels which swamp me,  smelling the feminine scents waft through the room, I became captivated by the sparkly dresses they had picked out, wishing one day to be as glamourous. This routine of dining out has made me love dinner dates. So I thought I would show you my yummy dinner out with a few of my favorite people in the world: My Family. 

 I normally do not like fish, but this dish was so tasty. A perfect summer starter.
My sister has the most enormous scotch egg I have seen in my life! She said it was delicious!

What is your favorite food when dining out? Are you more adventurous or like to stick to what you know?

Gooey Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Baking Chocolate Brownies

This weekend was a baking weekend. After finishing exams I woke up at a loss of what to do. Geeky I know, I felt as though I should be hitting the books or going into school or at least something to do with learning. Alas, no geeky Freya. So I thought what is a million times better than revision. Brownies, thats what. So at 8:30 am I donned my baking hat and took to the cupboards and cook books. I am very picky with brownies. I like them gooey with solid chocolate pieces in with a perfect ratio of fruit to nut.

If like me you are OCD about chocolate related topics below is the recipe I used to create these yummy morsels of gooey goodness.
What you will need:

1 Large mixing bowl
2 Spoons
1 Sauce pan
1 Heat proof bowl
1 Baking tray
Baking parchment
50g of Nuts of your choice
50g of Raisins
50g of Cherries
(Obviously if you would like plain brownies leave these out!)
200g of good quality chocolate
65g of Plain flour
1 tsp of baking power
4 large eggs
365g of Caster sugar
250g of Butter
70g of Coca powder


Add boiling water to the sauce pan and bring to the boil. Place a heat proof bowl on top of the simmering water in the pan. To the bowl add the butter and HALF the chocolate until melted. Once melted add the nuts and dried fruits and cocoa powder. In a separate bowl add the flour sugar and rest of the chocolate together, beaten in the eggs and baking powder and pour the butter chocolate mixture into the flour mixture and mix thoroughly. Pour into a lined baking tray and cook for 25 minutes at 180 c.

My sneaky trick to achieve solid chocolate within brownie pieces is to only melt half the chocolate and add the rest as whole chunks so that when you come to refrigerate the brownies you get yummy chunks of chocolate as a delicious surprise with every bite!

 I like to cut my brownies into small little chunks to make them look more gourmet! Although you can cut them to any size you wish.
 Et voila small pieces of chocolate heaven! Put them in boxes for treats to your friends and family or as I did recently wrap them as little thank you presents next time you pop out for a dinner party.

Do send me any photos if you re create the brownies! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Love F x