26 May 2014

Eclectic Eccentricity


Pea's in a Pod necklace

I have been on a search over the years for eclectic Jewellery, which exudes a sense of femininity but also provides some individuality. I am a self confessed hoarder of jewelry my vanity table is full of rings and necklaces I have found from markets on my travels, to car boot sales. My outfit is not complete without a few of my favorite pieces. I always get asked where I bought them from and beam with a look of glee, as I know they can not copy me, unless they follow my travel movements! (sorrynotsorry)

 I have yet to find these two words "pretty and eclectic" to merge in any jewelry store in the UK. Shock horror, I know. So I have to fly to Italy and rummage through a few markets to haggle my way into obtaining such pieces.

Solar System Necklace
                                                How beautiful is this necklace?! The solar system bejeweled. A much more exciting physics lesson!

That is until I started scouring the internet for pretty individual pieces which I could look "indie" as they say in the hood *cough cough (the shire)* but keep a quirky girlishness about me. EclecticEccentricity has proved me wrong. I have finally found the definition of pretty and quirky within their Jewellery line made here in Britain! As you all know I am a sucker for anything aquamarine, shimmery and different so this is right up my street! I hope you like their collections as much as I do!

Swallows? Check light blue stones? Check=Freya's Heaven

*I am not affiliated with the brand I just am a lover of their designs. All rights to these photos go to eclecticeccentricity

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