30 May 2014

Becoming a Bronzed Goddess

So every summer, I stock up on tanning oil, fake tan and white pieces of clothing which will claim to make me look browner. This is never achievable so this summer I thought I would tell you my experiences with tanning (painful ones) and why its great to be pale and interesting.

                                                              Photo from Pinterest

Now my relationship with the sun is a complex one. I hate sun cream. Not in I hate the good it does in protecting me way, but I remember holidays where my mum would catch my sisters and I and slather our pastey chubby cheeks in sticky gluey sun cream which smelt like gone off sour milkshakes and then getting into my delightful fluorescent orange wetsuit (because I was a maverick at the age of 7) and waddling about like a sticky freaky orange penguin and being chased around the garden after I had come out of the pool to reapply said sun cream. So this has stemmed my great dislike of sun cream. My Mother to this day does the same thing but luckily I dont own such a hideous swimsuit nor run around screaming and crying at the presentation of garnier. I actually like the smell of sun cream now as well, I suppose being deprived of sun for the majority of the year in rainy rural England it is a joy to get a glimmer of sunshine. Indeed, after many painful blisters occurring from laying out in Cornwall of all places and just recently hideously burning my back lying outside revising, it has finally taught me a lesson and I am listening to my wise Mother and wearing factor 50.

Tan fades so dont let your skin do the same!

So why is it great to be pale?

1). We can say we have ancestral roots in Antarctica.
2). I was an extra in Casper
3). Camouflaged in the snow
4). Make up brands are now realizing there are 100 shades of White!

So please protect yourself this summer. You are beautiful the way you are and pale and interesting is great, look at Bella Swan she got Taylor and Edward Cullen. RESULT.

Freya x

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