30 April 2014

April Favorites

Duty free is where it is at. 

I rush to the sparkly glass bottles and throw myself at the Chanel counter once I have passed through security and I luckily I picked up two items which are currently on my favorite list for this April.

 I have never tired anything from Aveeno before so I was very impressed with this gel moisturizer. It wasn't sticky or too rich  and really helped my sun burn!

 I am yet to try hyrdoluron, as whenever I have been into boots it has been sold out. So after seeing this advertised in my magazine I thought I would pick it up as it promised to smooth out your skin without make up. I have noticed a lot of brands are bringing out these 'gels' such as loreal and garnier which I am wanting to try. This is my favorite summer skin base. It mattified my skin and is a good alternative for holidays when I dont want to wear make up in the heat!

 I normally wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs which I love and am totally obsessed with. However, after I have been wearing it for so long I thought I would change it up again! So I bought this GUCCI perfume which smells sweet and summery and comes in such a pretty shiny bottle!

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  1. I adore Guilty, it's such an elegant and sophisticated fragrance :o) Xx

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