14 January 2014

Vintage Turquoise

 I am obsessed with turquoise. There is something about turquoise jewelry which resonates with the sea side for me. My earliest memory of this color was when I was 11 walking through cobbled Cornish streets and looking into diamond filled windows captivated by the sparkly pieces of jewelry which hung from pretty petite red velvet boxes. This is a memory I will never forget.

These are my little piece of Cornwall. The ring is vintage and from my Mothers beautiful collection which I have snaffled. *Our little Secret*. The earrings are from accessorize, a cheaper alternative and still vintage looking.

1 comment:

  1. The turquoise touch! It's eternally uplifting for me as well. I won't ever tire of it.

    The ring is pure treasure, especially!

    I enjoyed this post very much - so many aesthetic obsessions are deeply rooted in childhood, aren't they? I love beauty with a story.