29 December 2013

Tribal Jewelry: New Years Eve Glamour

My Jewelry collection mostly consists of two extremes: Chunky Tribal Jewelry and dainty girlie diamonds and sparkles. For me a jewelry has to be a statement, why else wear it? The piece should add something new to your outfit, enhance the colors or style, not detract from the outfit. Therefore, I thought I would show you, a few of my bargain statement buys from Matalan and Primark. Who says that Jewelry has to be expensive in order to make a statement.

 This necklace is from Primark, it is inexpensive and beautiful, a mixture of fabric and beads.

 I love this ethnic necklace from Matalan, it reminds me of chocolate money rings for some reason.

This necklace again is from Matalan, it is my Mums, which I have naughtily borrowed and wear into work. I always get comments about this necklace and it is so affordable. What is not to love?


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