29 December 2013

The Tartan Trend

Tartan has always perplexed me. It was a print I would steer clear from being a rebellious tom boy at primary school and being forced to wear a tartan tunic and returning home with mud and paint stains, smeared all over my once, freshly ironed school uniform.

Therefore, when I heard this trend had 're appeared', I was slightly skeptical to say the least. The images of a pompous school and scratchy, unflattering uniform spring to mind, not sultry or chic.

But, when I stumbled across this photo.

My pre conceptions were abolished. I love how feminine this outfit looks.

 I never thought that it would be possible to pair florals with tartan. They should, in my mind, be kept as two separate trends, as my Mother always says, "you can have too much of a good thing.' However, this look has completely changed my mind. The model looks so heroically feminine, yet dainty, a look which is very difficult to be achieved.

The girlishly floral printed shirt provides a pinch of softness, contrasted to the bold statement cobalt tartan, to create an utterly perfect look.

It is safe to say, I will be wearing florals and tartan more often now.

(Photo from Harper's Bazar)

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