28 December 2013

Avenue 32: Jewelry

Decadent Jewelry makes me weak at the knees.

So, when I stumbled upon Avenue32's dramatically elegant Jewelry collection, it was enough to make any girl swoon. The vibrant rich colors, exude a regal stance, demonstrating that wearing this jewelry is a gift.

(Image from Avenue32)

These necklaces are mesmerizing. I have truly never seen a piece of jewelry so intricate and elegant. The colors demand attention and are a true statement to wear to any event. Indeed, for me the jewelry needs no accompaniment, the statement necklace is captivating and needs no distraction. 

Avenue 32 have awakened the trend of fabric and gems.

If like me you are new to this amazing collection, browse at avenue32.com
(Image from Avenue32)

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  1. My goodness, these are gorgeous! I especially love the second one with the green stones :o). Xx

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