30 December 2013

ASOS Spring 2014 Coats

   (Image from ASOS)

                                                             (Image from ASOS)                                                        ASOS Vintage Cocoon Coat £110

Spring for me is all about the Pastels. So browsing on ASOS I came across these two beautiful coats perfect to make a statement for the New Year. They ooze femininity and still have the practicality of a coat, keeping you warm on those frosty mornings. So why not keep yourself warm, whilst opting for more of a statement than that jacket which has kept you warm in 2013.

                                                                (Image from ASOS)                                                   ASOS Trapeze Button Front Coat £95

This beautiful duck egg blue will go perfectly with anything from skinny jeans to dresses. The coat is versatile enough to wear with anything. My comfort zone in the coat department is usually black or navy, however these coats have changed my perceptions.

                                                             (Image from ASOS)

                                                            (Image from ASOS)

This is certainly on my wish list for the new year.

Go on, its a New Year, treat yourself to a beautiful pastel coat. I won't tell if you don't. 

                                        Our little secret.

29 December 2013

The Tartan Trend

Tartan has always perplexed me. It was a print I would steer clear from being a rebellious tom boy at primary school and being forced to wear a tartan tunic and returning home with mud and paint stains, smeared all over my once, freshly ironed school uniform.

Therefore, when I heard this trend had 're appeared', I was slightly skeptical to say the least. The images of a pompous school and scratchy, unflattering uniform spring to mind, not sultry or chic.

But, when I stumbled across this photo.

My pre conceptions were abolished. I love how feminine this outfit looks.

 I never thought that it would be possible to pair florals with tartan. They should, in my mind, be kept as two separate trends, as my Mother always says, "you can have too much of a good thing.' However, this look has completely changed my mind. The model looks so heroically feminine, yet dainty, a look which is very difficult to be achieved.

The girlishly floral printed shirt provides a pinch of softness, contrasted to the bold statement cobalt tartan, to create an utterly perfect look.

It is safe to say, I will be wearing florals and tartan more often now.

(Photo from Harper's Bazar)

Panettone Bread And Butter Pudding

 On a lazy Sunday afternoon, recovering from Christmas, I was browsing my larder, I found upon a rogue Panettone. I had read many cooking articles regarding this Italian sponge bread so I thought why not make this into a bread and butter pudding with a twist, accompanied with some home made custard for an after Sunday lunch treat.

Tribal Jewelry: New Years Eve Glamour

My Jewelry collection mostly consists of two extremes: Chunky Tribal Jewelry and dainty girlie diamonds and sparkles. For me a jewelry has to be a statement, why else wear it? The piece should add something new to your outfit, enhance the colors or style, not detract from the outfit. Therefore, I thought I would show you, a few of my bargain statement buys from Matalan and Primark. Who says that Jewelry has to be expensive in order to make a statement.

 This necklace is from Primark, it is inexpensive and beautiful, a mixture of fabric and beads.

 I love this ethnic necklace from Matalan, it reminds me of chocolate money rings for some reason.

This necklace again is from Matalan, it is my Mums, which I have naughtily borrowed and wear into work. I always get comments about this necklace and it is so affordable. What is not to love?

28 December 2013

Avenue 32: Jewelry

Decadent Jewelry makes me weak at the knees.

So, when I stumbled upon Avenue32's dramatically elegant Jewelry collection, it was enough to make any girl swoon. The vibrant rich colors, exude a regal stance, demonstrating that wearing this jewelry is a gift.

(Image from Avenue32)

These necklaces are mesmerizing. I have truly never seen a piece of jewelry so intricate and elegant. The colors demand attention and are a true statement to wear to any event. Indeed, for me the jewelry needs no accompaniment, the statement necklace is captivating and needs no distraction. 

Avenue 32 have awakened the trend of fabric and gems.

If like me you are new to this amazing collection, browse at avenue32.com
(Image from Avenue32)

How to: Alexa Chung's Signature Cat Eye

If like me you struggle to perfect a cat eye, I thought that you may find Alexa's advice useful, on how she achieves her signature look. 
                                (Video from Vogues Youtube Channel. All rights go to them)

Beauty Prep for New Years Eve

 I must confess the fake tan reappears nearing New Years Eve. Of course I cannot have patchy tan so I desperately need to scrub and moisturize in order to prep my skin for fake tan application. I find that this Champneys body glow scrub works a treat apart from smelling amazing. It contains Bora Bora sand! So obviously this is a must have in my beauty essential kit.
 I also like to do a face mask at least a week before so if it does break me out, my skin has time to settle down before the big event! Follow this rule. Having pimples is irritating anyway, especially when there will be copious photos reminding you, you should have prepped your skin before!

Now, I am normally of a mud mask girl, especially masks from REN. However, I used to get these masks with my sisters when we were little and I thought I would give it a try again. It made my skin very soft and smooth and thus why it is now being included into my New Years Eve beauty kit.
I would love to know what is in your beauty kit and how you will be preparing for New Years Eve, let me know in the comments below.

New Years Eve Outfit

So that time is upon us again...

It is crazy to think how fast this year has gone and I am now riffling through my wardrobe, trying to find an outfit to wear for the magical evening of New Years Eve. An outfit which is hot enough to take photos with your friends but not so constrictive, to prevent you from dodging away from an unrequited New Years Kiss.

So here are my choices. Let me know what you think and tell me what you are thinking of wearing. I would love to see your suggestions!

 I love this body con dress from Cavendish House. The panels at the side exaggerate my curves and allow me to get those Marilyn Monroe style curves. This dress is perfect for those petite girls who lack in the hip department or if like me you want to show off the hips God gave you, this is perfect. I always get comments wearing this, so I recommend you pick up a little number with paneling for your perfect New Years Eve outfit.

 I am pairing this with this beautiful chunky necklace from Matalan to give me an ethnic edge.

 My second choice is this dress from H&M. I love this dress it has a skater bottom which skims over my hips if I feel I am not in the mood to wear tight tight body con. I pair this with a pair of black tights and ankle boots or heels as its New Years of course!

 Next is this smock dress from BOOHOO. I love it. The pattern is very autumnal and looks amazing with black tights and a pair of Chelsea boots. This is my first smock style dress as I have been a little scared of the baggy nature of these dresses and did not want to look expecting when I wore it out and about. 
However, I find that it does actually make you look smaller. Strange I know. I achieve this by pairing the dress with tight black tights. By doing this, it highlights your long legs and gives the impression that the rest of you continues in this slender fashion. Our little secret ladies

. I am really loving dresses from BOOHOO at the moment, they are inexpensive and exactly on trend. 

BOOHOO I salute you.