09 November 2013

Grunge Autumn Jewelry

I have lusted over grungey pretty cartilage piercing for months. As a rebellious 17 year I plucked up the courage and went to have it done and unfortunately did not look "cool" more like a girl with a very red earlobe. So consequentially I took it out. However, I have since managed to find dainty cartilage piercing without the pain! A cheaper and less painful option.
I Love this Clip on leaf cartilage piercing from SeaSideCharms who make individual jewelry suited to you.
(besidetheseasidecharms@gmail.com)The blue lower lobe earring is from Accessorize and the crisscross silver clip on earring is from Ebay. 

So here it is grungey, yet pretty earrings on a budget minus the pain. 

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