24 October 2013

Winter Knitwear

I have been wanting to have this "chat' with you all for a while now. With winter well and truly here I feel more and more drawn to my Christmas jumper. There I said it. Yet, when is the 'appropriate' time to wear my Christmas jumper?

You know when you see a pubescent boy 'trying' to be alternative, wearing a Christmas jumper in August, you think... REALLY?! I know you think it, dont fib.

Its October though, not even Halloween, this cant be the time, or can it? When I don the Christmas jumper, Christmas in my mind is basically here. I might as well just start eating my weight in Mince Pies and necking Mulled wine. *Which isn't advisable*

Maybe I am still an 11 yearold at heart. I am that girl who gets overwhelmed with excitement when the coca cola Christmas advert comes on, who listens to NOW Christmas in the car and wears a pair of reindeer ears when attending Christmas Social occasions.

 I love Christmas.

However, it is rather worrying how fast this year has come, so maybe I will not put on my  red Christmas reindeer jumper on just yet and wait until at least.... November.

7 Days to go.

 Until then I shall control my excitement with my cream chunky knit jumper from H&M for £14.99.

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  1. I'm ready to bring out the Christmas jumper!
    Lovely post :)