23 October 2013

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist: A Holiday In A Can

So today I have missed the sun. I miss the sun and the fact that once upon a time England was a safe bug free (sort of) zone. BUT NO. WE HAVE POISONOUS SPIDERS. So mulling over this desperate need of sunshine and a place free of arachnids, on the way back from work to my car. It rained. A lot. A lot, a lot. Like I potentially have bruising from the torrential rain I was in (Not quite true but you get the picture). Monsoon weather. To top it off some delightful bald man splashed me in his van. Delightful. So sprinting to my car with my hair flying at my face and mascara dripping from my patchy soaked foundation face, (I'm surprised I didnt get marriage proposals looking this fly,)  I remembered being on holiday, being warm and bronzed reclining in Italy. 

So I thought, Freya, lets turn the radiator on, close our eyes and fake tan.

 This is the only time where the phrase 'fake it till you make it' applies. Does anyone else gag at the smell of fake tan?

 I can even smell out the culprits of Johnson's Holiday Tan.

 Sorry not sorry.

However, St. Moriz I am told by my sister smells like fruit crumble. Literally she was upset that she thought I had eaten some without offering her some. It smells good, is basically the crux of the matter. It doesnt streak. Is easy to apply. AND it has red in it, which is immense. When you tan, your skin naturally burns, so you get a burnt tan which looks more natural (because it is duh Freya) but St. Moriz have hit the nail on the head and got the perfect self tanner.
 I actually got asked if I had been on holiday. Someone actually asked me that! Which obviously was amazing but I am a terrible liar so I couldnt fib and say *Made In Chelsea Voice* "Oh yah I just got off my Yacht in St Tropez.' However, she wanted to buy a bottle all the same. Yet the most brilliant thing about this product is the price £2.99?! Yes I am being serious.

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