22 October 2013

REN Skin Care Clarifying Cleanser

Oh REN. How I love thee.

I for one am fed up of paying ridiculous amounts for ridiculous products that strip my skin of its natural oils and make it worse than it was before I tried using a spot based cleanser! *Shakes fist*

So after breaking out for NO REASON. NO NOT EVEN THE *special time* I was angry/confused and turned to my fish oils and copious bottles of water, which apart from making me need the loo a lot more did NOTHING. *cries into cup of tea*

I cannot say enough about REN. Their products are worth every penny. Natural and actually do what they say. Indeed, for me REN is the only brand which calms my angry skin, without stripping it of moisture.

So without further ado *drum roll* REN CLARIFYING CLEANSER. This is by far my favorite facial cleanser. It removes all my make up and gently cleanses my skin.

Now I for one did not expect gentleness from a clay based cleanser but it soothes my skin.

 Redness? Gone. Spots? Gone. (Brownies Honor)

I use with a hot cloth and cleanse both morning and night. Apart from smelling amazing it removes dead surface skin cells and treats any inflamed spots. 

The pumped cleanser is easy to use and lasts forever. I have had mine for about 2-3 months. 

Thank you REN again for another amazing product. 


  1. Sounds like a great product! It's always a joy to discover something that really works for your skin :o). Xx


  2. It unfortunately doesn't happen that often but always a triumph when it does! Thank you for having a read! xx