07 October 2013

New 17 Purchases

Oh Hello you. Now I know. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FREYA?!
I am sorry. I have been on holiday/ coldy/working/procrastinating.
However, I have bought some new beauty products. *Leaps with joy* So I thought that I would give you my first impressions after spending hours at the 17 counter in boots. So I have bought a skin primer and an eye liner!

 Now I am not normally on the primer train. In fact I find they break me out. Not happy days when they are supposed to be controlling the oil on my face!
 However, this is has changed my mind. Thank you 17. Finally a primer which controls oil and doesn't break me out.
 Next is my eyeliner pen. Well what can I say. I am blown away. It doesnt smudge. Easy to apply. At lasts for ever. Well maybe not forever but an awfully long time! I get my feline flick with no hassle or smudging.

Thank you 17. I really recommend  this products as they have been tried and tested by myself. What are your favorite primers?

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