24 October 2013

How To Contour Your Face

I have always been flummoxed on how to Contour my face.

 My attempts previous to my make obsession have resembled more in the realms of bruising than definition. Not quite the look I had been aiming for. So I thought, if like me, you struggle with concept of contouring. Here are my 3 easy peasy tricks.

 First trick I like to use, is using my normal/ lighter shade foundation as normal and then on the bits I want to contour. I.e my Nose, cheek bones and temples, a darker cream foundation.

 Jemma Kid foundation is my favorite for doing this trick.

Also another product I like to use is this creamy bronzer from Chanel.

Next- A little bit harder a powder. I find this harder to use than a cream blush. However it is still easy to blend but needs more work to buff in. You're BUFF so get buffing Gal.

 I buff it out with a stippling brush. Make sure there are no obvious orange lines. Nobody wants to look like they have been tangoed.
My dog also decided that it would be terrible if you were orange and decided to jump up at my camera to inform me of this thought.

Lots of Love from the both of us x

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