17 October 2013

Breakfast With Freya

Good Morning my loves. I have to admit I am most definitely not a morning person.
However, being a massive lover of food I look forward to breakfast. So I thought I would share with you my breakfast. Its like we are on a breakfast date. How exciting. So why not settle down with a cup of tea whilst you are reading this. Go on pop the kettle on. 
 So here we have a home made Bara Brith Bread. A Welsh classic. I am in love with this Welsh raisin bread! Also it has my favorite drink in it. What can that be? OH YES TEA. Not only tea, Earl Grey. It is basically my favorite breakie.
 How cute are my Vintage floral tea cups!

 I add milk and am ready to go!
 I pop 2 pieces in the microwave! And smother it with butter. YUM.
I hope you enjoyed sharing your breakie with me. Let me know, would you like more of these posts?

Have an amazing day my loves.

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