30 October 2013

Anthony Logistics Glycolic Cleanser

So I read about this from the queen of beauty herself Caroline Hirons.

I then scoured the internet for reviews of this cleanser which claims to work wonders on oily skin. So after looking for the best deal I stumbled across a SALE on Beauty Bay. I managed to get it for £15.12 (£17.00 including Royal Mail Tracked delivery- a save from Space NK'S £21.00.) Bargain.

 It smells like oranges and leaves my skin silky smooth. This is the first glycolic cleanser I have used and I must say it has opened my eyes to the wonders of glycolic acid. AmazeBalls.
 It is 237 ml for £15.12 which is fantastic. I would really recommend this product to all you lot. It is not just for men! I am sure if this was promoted for women the price would be a lot higher...

I guess it is time for me to start shopping more in the mens department, they have comfy jumpers and now amazing skin products...

24 October 2013

Winter Knitwear

I have been wanting to have this "chat' with you all for a while now. With winter well and truly here I feel more and more drawn to my Christmas jumper. There I said it. Yet, when is the 'appropriate' time to wear my Christmas jumper?

You know when you see a pubescent boy 'trying' to be alternative, wearing a Christmas jumper in August, you think... REALLY?! I know you think it, dont fib.

Its October though, not even Halloween, this cant be the time, or can it? When I don the Christmas jumper, Christmas in my mind is basically here. I might as well just start eating my weight in Mince Pies and necking Mulled wine. *Which isn't advisable*

Maybe I am still an 11 yearold at heart. I am that girl who gets overwhelmed with excitement when the coca cola Christmas advert comes on, who listens to NOW Christmas in the car and wears a pair of reindeer ears when attending Christmas Social occasions.

 I love Christmas.

However, it is rather worrying how fast this year has come, so maybe I will not put on my  red Christmas reindeer jumper on just yet and wait until at least.... November.

7 Days to go.

 Until then I shall control my excitement with my cream chunky knit jumper from H&M for £14.99.

How To Contour Your Face

I have always been flummoxed on how to Contour my face.

 My attempts previous to my make obsession have resembled more in the realms of bruising than definition. Not quite the look I had been aiming for. So I thought, if like me, you struggle with concept of contouring. Here are my 3 easy peasy tricks.

 First trick I like to use, is using my normal/ lighter shade foundation as normal and then on the bits I want to contour. I.e my Nose, cheek bones and temples, a darker cream foundation.

 Jemma Kid foundation is my favorite for doing this trick.

Also another product I like to use is this creamy bronzer from Chanel.

Next- A little bit harder a powder. I find this harder to use than a cream blush. However it is still easy to blend but needs more work to buff in. You're BUFF so get buffing Gal.

 I buff it out with a stippling brush. Make sure there are no obvious orange lines. Nobody wants to look like they have been tangoed.
My dog also decided that it would be terrible if you were orange and decided to jump up at my camera to inform me of this thought.

Lots of Love from the both of us x

Autumn Look Book

Its that time again.

Freya is bored of her wardrobe, craving knitwear and Autumnal outfits, left alone in London with a debit card.

Sorry Dad. I went shopping.

Between boy dramas and the wet weather driving me insane I gleefully went off to Oxford street.

So I thought I would share with you my new purchases.

This Turtle Neck Top to me looks American Apparel esq sadly it is not. However, it was in the SALE in Primark 

for £0.99! Not such a big spender. It really does prove that if you look hard enough you can find real bargains! 
This SKIRT IS FROM ASDA. Yes really. £10. I have had so many compliments about it, people asking me whether its from Topshop. Its such a pretty pattern.
Next I bought this high wasited print skirt. Also from Primark I think it was around £8.00 so not breaking the bank but not a total bargain as £0.99, however it is worth it as its so pretty teamed with tights and an oversized jumper. Who says Winter cant be stylish.
I bought this dress from ASOS Market place. Its so flattering and I love the cut outs to give it that grunge edge.

 Teemed with these faux fur boots from New Look

At least I found a few bargains.. Sorry not sorry.

23 October 2013

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist: A Holiday In A Can

So today I have missed the sun. I miss the sun and the fact that once upon a time England was a safe bug free (sort of) zone. BUT NO. WE HAVE POISONOUS SPIDERS. So mulling over this desperate need of sunshine and a place free of arachnids, on the way back from work to my car. It rained. A lot. A lot, a lot. Like I potentially have bruising from the torrential rain I was in (Not quite true but you get the picture). Monsoon weather. To top it off some delightful bald man splashed me in his van. Delightful. So sprinting to my car with my hair flying at my face and mascara dripping from my patchy soaked foundation face, (I'm surprised I didnt get marriage proposals looking this fly,)  I remembered being on holiday, being warm and bronzed reclining in Italy. 

So I thought, Freya, lets turn the radiator on, close our eyes and fake tan.

 This is the only time where the phrase 'fake it till you make it' applies. Does anyone else gag at the smell of fake tan?

 I can even smell out the culprits of Johnson's Holiday Tan.

 Sorry not sorry.

However, St. Moriz I am told by my sister smells like fruit crumble. Literally she was upset that she thought I had eaten some without offering her some. It smells good, is basically the crux of the matter. It doesnt streak. Is easy to apply. AND it has red in it, which is immense. When you tan, your skin naturally burns, so you get a burnt tan which looks more natural (because it is duh Freya) but St. Moriz have hit the nail on the head and got the perfect self tanner.
 I actually got asked if I had been on holiday. Someone actually asked me that! Which obviously was amazing but I am a terrible liar so I couldnt fib and say *Made In Chelsea Voice* "Oh yah I just got off my Yacht in St Tropez.' However, she wanted to buy a bottle all the same. Yet the most brilliant thing about this product is the price £2.99?! Yes I am being serious.

22 October 2013

REN Skin Care Clarifying Cleanser

Oh REN. How I love thee.

I for one am fed up of paying ridiculous amounts for ridiculous products that strip my skin of its natural oils and make it worse than it was before I tried using a spot based cleanser! *Shakes fist*

So after breaking out for NO REASON. NO NOT EVEN THE *special time* I was angry/confused and turned to my fish oils and copious bottles of water, which apart from making me need the loo a lot more did NOTHING. *cries into cup of tea*

I cannot say enough about REN. Their products are worth every penny. Natural and actually do what they say. Indeed, for me REN is the only brand which calms my angry skin, without stripping it of moisture.

So without further ado *drum roll* REN CLARIFYING CLEANSER. This is by far my favorite facial cleanser. It removes all my make up and gently cleanses my skin.

Now I for one did not expect gentleness from a clay based cleanser but it soothes my skin.

 Redness? Gone. Spots? Gone. (Brownies Honor)

I use with a hot cloth and cleanse both morning and night. Apart from smelling amazing it removes dead surface skin cells and treats any inflamed spots. 

The pumped cleanser is easy to use and lasts forever. I have had mine for about 2-3 months. 

Thank you REN again for another amazing product. 

17 October 2013

Breakfast With Freya

Good Morning my loves. I have to admit I am most definitely not a morning person.
However, being a massive lover of food I look forward to breakfast. So I thought I would share with you my breakfast. Its like we are on a breakfast date. How exciting. So why not settle down with a cup of tea whilst you are reading this. Go on pop the kettle on. 
 So here we have a home made Bara Brith Bread. A Welsh classic. I am in love with this Welsh raisin bread! Also it has my favorite drink in it. What can that be? OH YES TEA. Not only tea, Earl Grey. It is basically my favorite breakie.
 How cute are my Vintage floral tea cups!

 I add milk and am ready to go!
 I pop 2 pieces in the microwave! And smother it with butter. YUM.
I hope you enjoyed sharing your breakie with me. Let me know, would you like more of these posts?

Have an amazing day my loves.

16 October 2013

Sugared Cream and Strawberry Cake

It was my sisters Birthday yesterday so in the flat on my own I decided to put my time to good use and created this.

What you will need.

A whisk
A large mixing bowl
2 Cake tins
6 ounces of Flour
6 ounces of Butter
6 ounces of Caster Sugar
3 Eggs
100ml of cream and 2 table spoons of icing sugar for topping and filling.
1 punnet of Strawberries

Cream (whisk) the butter and sugar together.

Add SLOWLY the flour and an egg and mix, keep doing this alternately until you run out of mixture.

and voila. Your cake mix is done. That simple.

Place into buttered cake tins and cook for 20-25 minutes.


Just whisk the cream and icing sugar together and smooth over the cake.

Add Fresh Strawberries to finish

L'oreal New Nude Magique Eau De Teint

Hey you.

So I have been hearing rave review about the New L'oreal new foundation. A foundation which turns into a powder when touches the skin?! What?!

After seeing the advert on TV with the model with flawless skin touching her face it made me think:

 1). technically she has perfect skin anyway so I can NOT tell if it is good or not? *Confused face*

2). Will it be good coverage.

So I thought why not try it out myself.
 First things first. It is very liquidly. Which was a bit frightening putting onto the back of my hand. Luckily no spillage occurred, more due to my superhero reflexes. L'oreal please sort this? A pump? Thank you.

I am pale as pale can be. So I needed the lightest shade in the range. Pale and pasty. Hot to trot.

The results. It does what it says. It goes on matte but not enough coverage as I would have liked. However I do not like wearing tons of heavy foundation so this is great for me I just use concealer with it. Maybe L'oreal could also bring out a concealer stick which goes on as a powder? Pretty Please?

It also goes onto the skin like oil? Oil consistency? You know what I mean? Good.

In conclusion I really like it. Yes I said it. I like it.

07 October 2013

New 17 Purchases

Oh Hello you. Now I know. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FREYA?!
I am sorry. I have been on holiday/ coldy/working/procrastinating.
However, I have bought some new beauty products. *Leaps with joy* So I thought that I would give you my first impressions after spending hours at the 17 counter in boots. So I have bought a skin primer and an eye liner!

 Now I am not normally on the primer train. In fact I find they break me out. Not happy days when they are supposed to be controlling the oil on my face!
 However, this is has changed my mind. Thank you 17. Finally a primer which controls oil and doesn't break me out.
 Next is my eyeliner pen. Well what can I say. I am blown away. It doesnt smudge. Easy to apply. At lasts for ever. Well maybe not forever but an awfully long time! I get my feline flick with no hassle or smudging.

Thank you 17. I really recommend  this products as they have been tried and tested by myself. What are your favorite primers?