06 September 2013

Victoria Secret Make up

So today I have been obsessing over Victoria Secret hairstyles. 

I have consequentially decided that I want to be a Victoria Secret angel when I grow up. Why is their skin so perfect?! (Cries into chocolate fudge ice cream). The only answer I can give you is I think they must consume A LOT of water. I am thinking the Thames amount, minus the icky stuff.

 Any-who for those less blessed with shiny volumous locks and satin skin, this is my base face for the normal Norma. 

 However, Before we continue... If it makes you feel better,  this blog shall be our 'no Victoria Secret model allowed area.' You get extra props if you have bags and spots, snaps for you.

 The new perfect baby. As unfortunately we cant all own airbrushing machinery to pencil in abs like slabs. 

However, my gorgeous readers, and yes I think you are gorgeous. One because you visited my blog and obviously you are a sensible, together, strong independent piece of wonderfulness for doing so. Secondly, as Kanye West poetically puts it, he loves us as we 'got more ass than the models.' So its unanimous. You are great and so is your bum according to Kanye. 

Right lets actually get to the point Freya. 

So here we go: 

A glowy minimal make up look designed to make you into a Grecian Goddess who has just fallen from the heavens. Think less Kavos more Mykonos. 

Base: So for the base I want to achieve a 'oh me? Ive just spent 6 weeks in St Lucia' look. Less 'I have cat hair on my dress and puffy eyes from crying at the note book alone last night with Mr Flufficle. (The cat), before you assume I am dating a rather hairy man. 

To create this base, I rub this gently into my skin evening out any pigmentation. 
And thats it! Lolsatron. I joke. 

We arent models so bring on the heavy duty concealer. MAC. 

I have the shade NW20 and just dab a small amount under my eyes and to any blemishes I may have. 
Highlight: Now you could use high beam from Benefit bit I prefer this Barry M highlighter as its more pronounced. I dab this onto the tops of my cheek bones and below my eyes brows and blend in. This will create an ethereal shimmer whenever your face hits the light. Captivating. 

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