22 September 2013

My Shower Shower Staple

I thought I would share with you my favorite shower staple. Something I always reach for when I want to treat myself with sweet smelling goodness which is good for my skin. As its winter my skin is looking dull and dry, so I have been searching for a product to combat it.

This is it: Nspa shower mousse. 
 The thick mousse is perfect for conditioning my skin whilst making me smell amazing when I hop out of the shower.
 Not only does it make my body smell amazing it also makes my bathroom smell fantastic. I am a big supporter of Nspa products as I am obsessed with the natural ingredients which work well with my skin, so I was not disappointed with product.
 This has certainly become one of my 'rituals' as Nspa puts it. I can not leave the shower without applying this. It nourishes my body leaving me silky smooth ready for my moisturizer to be applied.
If you are in need of a shower mousse or your skin is in need of some TLC these winter months then this is for you!

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