21 September 2013

Moroccan Hair Oil Review

 So its cold, wet, generally pretty grim out. My hair is in despair over the sudden change of temperature from hot to cold and cold to baking and has since lashed out at me and turned into a ball of frizz. Really fit when your brush gets stuck trying to 'de-fluffify' (that shall be our new word) your hair. This is me basically every morning, huffing as I try the sock bun to see if it will make my hair look more presentable.

 It doesnt FYI.

 So I thought, Freya, enough is enough. You will scare small children if you venture out of the house like this, they will think something is mutating on your head. So I scoured the internet and found a cheaper, smaller version of Moroccan Oil. At first I sighed about how much these hair treatments are thinking how much could oil cost?! The natural kind not the petrol kind as that does cost a lot, but anyway we digress. It was a lot OK. I would prefer to spend £20 pounds on clothes or make up not my hair, but maybe this is where I have been going wrong... Its essentially my fault I am a frizz ball.
 However, I found this for £2.99 in HomeBargains. I was originally searching for boxes to put my work into but was side tracked and did not think that I would I would come across hair treatments at a home store. So I picked this up, with a gleeful smile on my face and sauntered home. I do not think I have ever been as excited to wash my hair.

 I skipped to the bathroom. SKIPPED. It probably looked like I was desperato for the loo but who cares, I have my Moroccan Oil. (Insert Creepy Grin)

 So lets get to the nitty gritty. I LOVE IT. I am no longer a frizz ball. YAY. My sister today commented on how silky my hair looked. Not dry or 'like rats tails' as my mum would put it. So if you are in desperate need of lushing up your luscious locks, then this is for you.

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