11 September 2013

MAC Half Lashes

Hello loves. I thought I would share with you my most recent purchase. MAC half lashes. I am a big lover of lashes. The longer the lashes the better.
I bought these for £10 from MAC Cosmetics on a recent trip to London. There is something about false lashes which makes my eyes just pop. I love them! The half lashes in particular are subtle enough to trick people that you just wake up looking like a movie star. (I wish)

 Walking into Harrods in Knightsbridge gives me shivers of excitement. Its actually is what dreams are made of. (well mine away) Glistening lights, shelves and shelves of sparkly cosmetics tempting me over. I may have squealed a little bit, much to the embarrassment of my boyfriend. But it is a gigantic room full of make up. Have a heart.
 I own many sets of lashes. I have a draw full of individual lashes to full blown glamour lashes. I am the lash queen. I am the type of person who feels facially naked without mascara and lashes. I still need to get my hands on Millie's Lashes as they look perfect for natural day wear. Until then MAC is my go to natural lash store.

 I wear my lashes with simple make up. A clean base with a touch of bronzer to make my cheeks pop and just a simple gloss on my lips.
 I however am a bit different when it comes to glue. I do not like using the white glue. This is because I find you can still see the clear glue left when it has dried. So to combat this I use black glue as it blends into my mascara. I use DUO from Beauty Bay priced at £7.95.
So lovelies are you a a half lash girl or a full lash girl?

Love Freya x

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