06 September 2013

Home Made Churros

Well its wet and windy and I am desperately in need of a pick me up! 

So I pondered after watching Jamie Oliver on the train yesterday, why not experiment and make my own churros reciepe! So here it is! 

Churros are scrummy Mexican doughnuts, perfect to put a smile on your face and so easy to make! 
Dipped in yummy sugar and cinnamon to give you a pop of flavour! 

This is what you will need! 
In a sauce pan over medium heat add, half a cup of water a 2 tbsp of flour,  2 and a half tbsp of sugar and a glug of olive oil! Mix until mixture forms a ball. Next heat a sauce pan of hot oil! Get an adult with this and even adults be careful. And roll your churros into a doughnut shape and drop in the oil and cook until golden! Then dip in your mixture of cinnamon and sugar and VOILA! 

Yummy churros for a rainy day! 

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