10 September 2013

Body Image

I thought I would do you a life post today.

Today I overheard whilst shopping girls speaking about their weight and how that they would survive the day on 7 pieces of fruit. I almost chuckled to myself thinking about how ridiculous this was, but then realized the serious nature of their conversation and it made me sad.

Being a beauty and fashion blogger I know the stereotype "pretty" and "hot" model esq body image that litters glossy magazines. It really does make me sad how girls (and boys, although I have less experience in this field) question themselves and have to "fit in" in order to be accepted.

Now I am not one to shove my ideas and thoughts at you. However, this is what the post will be about so if you arent fussed about reading on then do not, but I hope those of you who do share my opinion will appreciate what I am saying. I write about what I am passionate about.

Now do not get me wrong this is not a post slamming glossy fashion magazines,  as who are the people who keep them in business? Us. The female public. Its a sad realization that we are promoting our self destruction isnt it? What draws us to the prettiness of the magazine where a size 0 model poses on a mountain? Is it the geographical background? Or is it the woman who we want to be? I pose you a difficult question here. Why? For me this was difficult, why do I buy this magazine if I do not agree with the body image which they are portraying? Why is being skinny glamorous? A difficult question right? But we strive to be it anyway. Now I do not claim to be a skinny minny or an oversized oaf but something in between, but why should that matter or why should I be given a number to signify it?

 I am a size 10 and happy, but many people are not. I grew up with girls who yo yo dieted and went to the gym before and after school and I remember thinking WHY?! It takes me a good 30 minutes just to get out of bed. It is all driven by this confidence which supposedly comes with being thinner. I agree diet and exercise are a healthy way of living but never to the extreme of it dominating your life. I have seen many people morph their idea of normal into exercising like mad and eating less. Is it a ploy to regain control? Or is it what has been programmed into us of what is "hot or not".

On the television, magazines, Tumblr and YouTube I constantly see weight related adverts. It is programmed into us that small means happy. I for one would rather be happy and healthy, whether this means small or not.

A little question for you... Have you ever been into a shop and tried on a pair of jeans and asked to try on one in the same size but different colour which doesnt fit? I have. At first I panickly did the jean dance, desperately trying to squeeze myself into them! But then I realised I could not have gone up a trouser size since being in that changing room. However, this made me think, if you got the smaller size to start with what would you say? Probably with what I thought first. How would that make you feel? Bad? Make you go to the gym more? This is the point I am trying to put across to you. Fashion companies should think about this before producing clothing which doesnt match consumer guide lines. But why is there this blurred line which hasnt been tackled?

Indeed, a recent story from a family friend who applied to a modeling agency told me she was told to loose 2 stone before she re applied.  At first I thought if I were her I would have told them to stuff it and defiantly sashed out, shaking my over sized bum as I proceeded, but then I thought, how would I feel if I was told that I was too heavy? I would react like any other teenage girl would and my weight would become one of my insecurities.

I am not going to sit here and tell you I wouldnt be bothered if I went up 2 dress sizes, but my weight doesnt define me. I am a firm believer of think healthy eat healthy. If it makes you feel better I got told by a boy once that he would date me as im 'cushioney'? A real contender in chat up line history. So dont fret my loves.

Some stats for you: In a recent article it has been stated that "78% of men would rather date a confident plus size woman than an insecure model" and "72% think that women should have more confidence in their bodies." SO WORK IT GURL. (Insert clicking and head bob)

Next time you feel pressured to be thin or over hear weight talk.

You can hit them with a big mac.

Love for always. Your friend. Freya x


  1. This is a really amazing post, and so true. It's so sad how people are made to feel like they need to be thin to be beautiful. Thank you. :)
    Lily xx

  2. I am so glad you liked it! :) We all need to have more confidence in ourselves! Thank you for having a read! Freya xxx