06 September 2013

Bioderma Review

Oh Bioderma. How I love thee. 

No other make up remover like you. My sleepy, night time floundering for wipes are over. 
I take this on trains, planes and car journeys, when I need to refresh my face or am past caring and expose my pale tired face to the world. 
One swipe and your done? Dont believe me? Its brownies promise. ( we never lie) 

Now if like me you are attached to those simple make up remover wipes, the thought of leaving your make up on over night gives you chills of fear. Then this my friend is for you. Its easy to use and to apply. Simply put on a cotton wool pad and swipe gently over your face.

 Clean mean make up free machine. 

This French wonder water has saved me from irritated skin and drying out my face. 

I love it. Beauty Bloggers have raved about it. Why not try it for yourself? 

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