10 September 2013

A Thousand Kisses Rimmel Review

Do you use lip liners? The thought of wearing lip stick without a lip liner scares you? (Smudge ALERT)  Me too. So below is a little post which may help you.

I have been looking for an affordable lip liner to be my beauty staple for Autumn. Now I have finally found it.
 Rimmel 1000 Kisses in 011SPICE.
 This shade is perfect for me. It reminds me of Autumn, warm and crisp. After hours of trying different lip liners in boots from Loreal to 17, I was lured to Rimmel. An old friend.

I have recently recaptured my love of lipliners, as during the summer months I have opted for either a gloss of tint to promote a 'beachy' look. However, now its wintery I am looking forward to creating a bold statement with my lips.
 I find using lip liners I can make my lips bigger. How you ask? Its a drawing game my friends. I just draw my lips bigger. Now take this advice with care. I am not meaning turning myself into a make up disaster zone, but subtly extenuating my lips. A case of less is more as my Mum would say.
 I sometimes just colour in my lips with this and do not use lip stick on top, as it is such a pretty colour. Or if I am wanting that movie star shine I add a bit of gloss on top to make my lips pop. What is brilliant about this is that it LASTS. Horrah for this. Gone are the days where smudgy speckled lip colour rules my life. (A little over the top, but when you look like you have a disease, from the colour draining from your lips you will understand)
 The colour is warm and vibrant. I find it perfect to warm up my complexion.
Till tomorrow. Love your friend. Freya x


  1. Love the look of this lip pencil! x

  2. I am really loving it at the moment! Thank you for having a read! x