08 September 2013

A little life post

The prospect of going to University is getting nearer.

 I am starting to realize what my life will be like when all my friends are off to university and I am left to my gap year. Its a scary thought really. I still find it difficult to believe I have left school and people who I have essentially grown up with will be moving all over the UK.

Now I will tell you now, I never liked school, or particularly should I say my school, but I will actually miss it. Maybe I will not miss double maths and getting sent to the Vice Principal for having my hair down and make up on, but I shall miss the protection of the walls around me. Everything was simple. You did not need a plan or a specific career path.

 A teacher once said to me 'It does not matter how hard you kick the walls in this class room, they will never break or fall'. Back then I thought what a silly analogy, if I could kick them down your school would not be deemed suitable by health and safety. Now I realize what she meant, its nice having your path laid out for you, GCSE'S, AS, A LEVELS. You get help with what you want to do, you are always being nagged about that late homework or told off about secretly being on people magazine instead of completing course work in timed conditions. (Of course I never did that)

 Now I have no walls to kick even if I wanted too, granted I have my mother who will not be a happy camper if I attempt to kick her walls down, but you get the picture. I myself start university in 2014 and I am realizing that time goes so quickly. For those of you who are reading this in GCSE year, I am sure you will have people say to you, 'savour it, as you will have left school in a blink of an eye' and you would have been like its not soon enough and thrown yourself to the floor. (Just me?)

For me it actually did go so fast. Like seriously fast. However, as much as I disliked the regime of school it is where I grew up essentially, met friends, lost friends, met boys and had my heart broken.
 Its such an important time for you as a person. So I guess this is a blog post to highlight my fear of nearing the end of education and standing on my own to feet and showing you that I know how it feels, growing up is really hard. People who say 'the teenage years are the best years of your life' grossly misinterpreted it. Do not get me wrong being a teenager and going through school and having fun with your friends and family is fun, but it can also be a sad, lonely and frustrating time, as essentially you are growing into an adult, which in itself is a scary prospect.

I for one felt like I was the only one feeling this way through school as everyone seemed to have their barrier of chirpy happiness, day in day out. On closer inspection you realise that everyone feels the same way you do but just deals with it differently. However, we have all been there. I for one understand. So I hope this post has helped you or at least you feel you can relate to what I am saying. This post is pretty rambly but I felt the need to address my feelings at the moment and maybe help you, as you are returning to school.

 Take a deep breath and good luck. This is just the start.

Love for always your friend. Freya x

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