23 September 2013

Liebster Award

Hello Loves!

So something new! I have been kindly voted for the Liebster award by Laura Beth, from Laura-beth.co.uk! So I did some questions for you all to get to know me a bit better!

So a Q&A time with Freya you lucky things. 

So here we go. 

What first got you into blogging?

Well I would love to come up with some random exciting story of how an idea just came to me and I decided to put pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard. However, I started the blog as I am on a gap year and decided that I would start up a blog to pass the time and then was a tad taken aback about how interested I became in it! 

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 

Oh wow. A tough one. Hmm, I love Bora Bora but it may get a bit dull being therefore forever... Maybe Paris? I love French food, French cosmetics and French men? Does this count? 

Lipsticks or Lipgloss? 

Oh definitely Lipstick. I hate lipgloss. I am sorry but as soon as I venture outside my hair gets stuck and I have to constantly take my hair out of my mouth. 

What was the first piece of make up you bought? 

Oh wow this would have been a long time ago... I think Miss Sporty Concealer. Rolling out the big bucks ladies. 

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?  Jeans. I know boring Freya. But it is so versatile and I can wear them with anything. 

Favourite season? 

Autumn. Its in the middle. Not too hot or too cold. 

What item is on your top wish list at the moment? 

I am wanting to try hydroluron. I know I am slacking but I have been busy andhaven't  had time to buy one! And when I finally went they were out of stock (Cries)

What make up item can you not live without? 

Oh hard one. Can I be difficult and have two?  Eye liner and concealer. Probably more concealer as big bags and spots aren't hot. 

What is your favourite colour? 

Baby blue

Do you like hot or cold weather? 

Cold. Im not the ice Queen ok, I just like wearing comfy baggy jumpers and coats. You can make less effort in winter but still look cool. 

Whats your favourite food? 

Oh I can answer one to this Moroccan chicken.   

 Now its time for who I have voted for the Liebster Award!



Lily Grace


















Lashes and Lentils


And here are my 11). questions for you!

What is your favorite make up product?

What skin type are you?

Favorite concealer?

Curly hair or straight?

What is your favorite holiday?

how long have you been blogging for?

Who are your favorite blogs?

What is your sense of style?

Favorite color?

Now you tag 11 other bloggers and form your own questions!

Blusher or bronzer or both?

Favorite make up brand?

22 September 2013

Favorite Hair Products

I have been looking for that 'va va voom' hair which doesnt fall short. Quite literally. 

At last I have found 3 products which allow me to achieve this.

I received this as a sample from Bumble and Bumble and have loved it ever since. I brush this through my hair at the roots to add volume.
In between washes when my hair is a dull and a bit dare I say it GREASY. (Major ew) This spruces my hair up and makes it look like it has just been washed, which is brilliant.
Finally i add my fabulous James Brown wave spray to wet hair to give me perfect beachy waves. So I am one step closer to looking a Victoria Secret Model.

My Shower Shower Staple

I thought I would share with you my favorite shower staple. Something I always reach for when I want to treat myself with sweet smelling goodness which is good for my skin. As its winter my skin is looking dull and dry, so I have been searching for a product to combat it.

This is it: Nspa shower mousse. 
 The thick mousse is perfect for conditioning my skin whilst making me smell amazing when I hop out of the shower.
 Not only does it make my body smell amazing it also makes my bathroom smell fantastic. I am a big supporter of Nspa products as I am obsessed with the natural ingredients which work well with my skin, so I was not disappointed with product.
 This has certainly become one of my 'rituals' as Nspa puts it. I can not leave the shower without applying this. It nourishes my body leaving me silky smooth ready for my moisturizer to be applied.
If you are in need of a shower mousse or your skin is in need of some TLC these winter months then this is for you!

So it is Autumn?

So its Autumn, which means two things. Firstly It is the time where I can wear my Christmas jumper without looking like a 'wana be indie' weirdo. "Windie", as I am told, which does sound rather like I suffer with flatulence problems... I don't by the way. (Moving on swiftly.)

Secondly, it usually means I can wear massive knitted jumpers. These are more forgiving than figure hugging summer dresses. Therefore, I am able to increase my cake consumption. I like Autumn if not for these two reasons alone, it looks pretty. As you can probably tell I love pretty pictures and so today, I donned my anorak and wellies and set out for a lovely country Sunday afternoon walk. 
So with you all being my friends and such like I thought that I would share my afternoon with you. I also wanted to take my camera for a test run, so excuse the sheep selfies.
 It was so pretty out I just could resist bringing my camera to grab a few shots to show you. I may be mildly obsessed with sheep now, by the way. One literally came over to me, as I sheepishly (See what I did there) tried to take a photo of him.
 I am tempted to get a T-shirt with "I love Sheep" on. They are so cute, however they did not look amused by a 5'8 girl cooing 'OMG its so cute and fluffy' at them.

 I apologize for all the photos of sheep but I am from Wales, so it is in my nature obviously to be a sheep lover.
I would also like to point out whilst we are on the topic of winter, that I am so excited for Christmas. SNOW, and mince pies. More food. Hope you all have had a lovely weekend and have a brilliant evening, I will go back to my cake eating and Keeping up with the Kardashian's watching.

Love your friend Freya x

21 September 2013

Moroccan Hair Oil Review

 So its cold, wet, generally pretty grim out. My hair is in despair over the sudden change of temperature from hot to cold and cold to baking and has since lashed out at me and turned into a ball of frizz. Really fit when your brush gets stuck trying to 'de-fluffify' (that shall be our new word) your hair. This is me basically every morning, huffing as I try the sock bun to see if it will make my hair look more presentable.

 It doesnt FYI.

 So I thought, Freya, enough is enough. You will scare small children if you venture out of the house like this, they will think something is mutating on your head. So I scoured the internet and found a cheaper, smaller version of Moroccan Oil. At first I sighed about how much these hair treatments are thinking how much could oil cost?! The natural kind not the petrol kind as that does cost a lot, but anyway we digress. It was a lot OK. I would prefer to spend £20 pounds on clothes or make up not my hair, but maybe this is where I have been going wrong... Its essentially my fault I am a frizz ball.
 However, I found this for £2.99 in HomeBargains. I was originally searching for boxes to put my work into but was side tracked and did not think that I would I would come across hair treatments at a home store. So I picked this up, with a gleeful smile on my face and sauntered home. I do not think I have ever been as excited to wash my hair.

 I skipped to the bathroom. SKIPPED. It probably looked like I was desperato for the loo but who cares, I have my Moroccan Oil. (Insert Creepy Grin)

 So lets get to the nitty gritty. I LOVE IT. I am no longer a frizz ball. YAY. My sister today commented on how silky my hair looked. Not dry or 'like rats tails' as my mum would put it. So if you are in desperate need of lushing up your luscious locks, then this is for you.

Liquid Cream Blush

I have been searching for that perfectly pink, 'I just wake up looking like this' blush. I have gazed at the likes of Bobbi Brown cream compact blushes but need something which will not leave me terrified of checking my bank balance. 

 At last I have found it. My affordable pink blush from ELF £3.75, a bargain right?

 This is highly pigmented so you do not need a lot and it lasts ALL DAY. Epic win.

Pretty and pink flushed cheeks are my staple this Autumn, I am now searching for a red shade to complete my collection. Any ideas?

Love your friend Freya x

12 September 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Review

I have combination skin I am always searching for a good translucent powder to keep away shine.

At last I found it.
 It lasts me ALL day. Yes thats right not just two hours before my make up slides down my face (an attractive image for you). So no more melty Freya. WOO.

 What I particular like about Rimmel powder is that it has no colour to it. You know if you buy a darker or yellowy powder it transfers that colour to your face making you look slightly odd. Well this doesn't happen with this as it is a translucent powder. EPIC WIN.
 It makes the enlarged pores on my nose look invisible which is amazing, as no other powder has had this effect. Even the high roller Bobbi Brown ones. Just £3.99 from Superdrug. What is not to love? Cheap and does the job.
 I lightly dust this all over my T-Zone  and through the centre of my face to keep shine at bay. It is the best powder I have ever tried, and that is a lot coming from me.

11 September 2013

Awkward Moment Of The Day

I am notoriously know for making a situation awkward through laughing at the wrong times. Now this isnt just a normal laugh, but a freaky high pitched number, which even startles me when it happens. I thought I would share with you my most recent awkward moment.

Sitting in an important business meeting with a client, I was posed ready with pen and paper looking as intelligent as I possibly could (the head nod smile we all know it well). It ended and I said to the wife of this client 'Lovely to have met you today' I then went to the client to repeat this and said 'Love you'. Now, you may think this wouldnt have been that bad if i had murmured it, but oh no. Yes Freya the awkward Queen actually said it pretty loudly. Guess that over confidence came back to bite me in the bum. What was worse that after realising I just said that I love a client, I froze and couldnt get my words out. So I resorted to what any normal human being would do and do the awkward laugh. Yes thats right the high pitch freaky noise I was explaining earlier. Much to the dismay of his wife. 

Thats one way to make an impression. 

At least he will remember me. 

So if you have had a bad day, think of me floundering in the 3 minute silence in which my awkward laugh reigned for. Oh and then I spilt my tea.

I shouldnt be allowed out. 

I hope my misfortunes of today have made you feel better. 

Love you for always. Freya x

MAC Half Lashes

Hello loves. I thought I would share with you my most recent purchase. MAC half lashes. I am a big lover of lashes. The longer the lashes the better.
I bought these for £10 from MAC Cosmetics on a recent trip to London. There is something about false lashes which makes my eyes just pop. I love them! The half lashes in particular are subtle enough to trick people that you just wake up looking like a movie star. (I wish)

 Walking into Harrods in Knightsbridge gives me shivers of excitement. Its actually is what dreams are made of. (well mine away) Glistening lights, shelves and shelves of sparkly cosmetics tempting me over. I may have squealed a little bit, much to the embarrassment of my boyfriend. But it is a gigantic room full of make up. Have a heart.
 I own many sets of lashes. I have a draw full of individual lashes to full blown glamour lashes. I am the lash queen. I am the type of person who feels facially naked without mascara and lashes. I still need to get my hands on Millie's Lashes as they look perfect for natural day wear. Until then MAC is my go to natural lash store.

 I wear my lashes with simple make up. A clean base with a touch of bronzer to make my cheeks pop and just a simple gloss on my lips.
 I however am a bit different when it comes to glue. I do not like using the white glue. This is because I find you can still see the clear glue left when it has dried. So to combat this I use black glue as it blends into my mascara. I use DUO from Beauty Bay priced at £7.95.
So lovelies are you a a half lash girl or a full lash girl?

Love Freya x

10 September 2013

Body Image

I thought I would do you a life post today.

Today I overheard whilst shopping girls speaking about their weight and how that they would survive the day on 7 pieces of fruit. I almost chuckled to myself thinking about how ridiculous this was, but then realized the serious nature of their conversation and it made me sad.

Being a beauty and fashion blogger I know the stereotype "pretty" and "hot" model esq body image that litters glossy magazines. It really does make me sad how girls (and boys, although I have less experience in this field) question themselves and have to "fit in" in order to be accepted.

Now I am not one to shove my ideas and thoughts at you. However, this is what the post will be about so if you arent fussed about reading on then do not, but I hope those of you who do share my opinion will appreciate what I am saying. I write about what I am passionate about.

Now do not get me wrong this is not a post slamming glossy fashion magazines,  as who are the people who keep them in business? Us. The female public. Its a sad realization that we are promoting our self destruction isnt it? What draws us to the prettiness of the magazine where a size 0 model poses on a mountain? Is it the geographical background? Or is it the woman who we want to be? I pose you a difficult question here. Why? For me this was difficult, why do I buy this magazine if I do not agree with the body image which they are portraying? Why is being skinny glamorous? A difficult question right? But we strive to be it anyway. Now I do not claim to be a skinny minny or an oversized oaf but something in between, but why should that matter or why should I be given a number to signify it?

 I am a size 10 and happy, but many people are not. I grew up with girls who yo yo dieted and went to the gym before and after school and I remember thinking WHY?! It takes me a good 30 minutes just to get out of bed. It is all driven by this confidence which supposedly comes with being thinner. I agree diet and exercise are a healthy way of living but never to the extreme of it dominating your life. I have seen many people morph their idea of normal into exercising like mad and eating less. Is it a ploy to regain control? Or is it what has been programmed into us of what is "hot or not".

On the television, magazines, Tumblr and YouTube I constantly see weight related adverts. It is programmed into us that small means happy. I for one would rather be happy and healthy, whether this means small or not.

A little question for you... Have you ever been into a shop and tried on a pair of jeans and asked to try on one in the same size but different colour which doesnt fit? I have. At first I panickly did the jean dance, desperately trying to squeeze myself into them! But then I realised I could not have gone up a trouser size since being in that changing room. However, this made me think, if you got the smaller size to start with what would you say? Probably with what I thought first. How would that make you feel? Bad? Make you go to the gym more? This is the point I am trying to put across to you. Fashion companies should think about this before producing clothing which doesnt match consumer guide lines. But why is there this blurred line which hasnt been tackled?

Indeed, a recent story from a family friend who applied to a modeling agency told me she was told to loose 2 stone before she re applied.  At first I thought if I were her I would have told them to stuff it and defiantly sashed out, shaking my over sized bum as I proceeded, but then I thought, how would I feel if I was told that I was too heavy? I would react like any other teenage girl would and my weight would become one of my insecurities.

I am not going to sit here and tell you I wouldnt be bothered if I went up 2 dress sizes, but my weight doesnt define me. I am a firm believer of think healthy eat healthy. If it makes you feel better I got told by a boy once that he would date me as im 'cushioney'? A real contender in chat up line history. So dont fret my loves.

Some stats for you: In a recent article it has been stated that "78% of men would rather date a confident plus size woman than an insecure model" and "72% think that women should have more confidence in their bodies." SO WORK IT GURL. (Insert clicking and head bob)

Next time you feel pressured to be thin or over hear weight talk.

You can hit them with a big mac.

Love for always. Your friend. Freya x

A Thousand Kisses Rimmel Review

Do you use lip liners? The thought of wearing lip stick without a lip liner scares you? (Smudge ALERT)  Me too. So below is a little post which may help you.

I have been looking for an affordable lip liner to be my beauty staple for Autumn. Now I have finally found it.
 Rimmel 1000 Kisses in 011SPICE.
 This shade is perfect for me. It reminds me of Autumn, warm and crisp. After hours of trying different lip liners in boots from Loreal to 17, I was lured to Rimmel. An old friend.

I have recently recaptured my love of lipliners, as during the summer months I have opted for either a gloss of tint to promote a 'beachy' look. However, now its wintery I am looking forward to creating a bold statement with my lips.
 I find using lip liners I can make my lips bigger. How you ask? Its a drawing game my friends. I just draw my lips bigger. Now take this advice with care. I am not meaning turning myself into a make up disaster zone, but subtly extenuating my lips. A case of less is more as my Mum would say.
 I sometimes just colour in my lips with this and do not use lip stick on top, as it is such a pretty colour. Or if I am wanting that movie star shine I add a bit of gloss on top to make my lips pop. What is brilliant about this is that it LASTS. Horrah for this. Gone are the days where smudgy speckled lip colour rules my life. (A little over the top, but when you look like you have a disease, from the colour draining from your lips you will understand)
 The colour is warm and vibrant. I find it perfect to warm up my complexion.
Till tomorrow. Love your friend. Freya x