19 August 2013

Summer Skin Care

Stressed summer skin? Sun cream causing you grief? Make up melting nightmare? Well look no further. These facemasks are my cheap and not so cheap alternative. 
So its summer we want to achieve that sun kissed glow. Yet end up either looking like a tomato or an igloo inhabitant. Or like me you are a attractive combination of the two. Your nose and cheeks are burnt and the rest is pale as pale can be. Weird and embarassing, you get the picture. 

However, what we get at the end is very tired angry skin which is frazzeled or deprived of good old sun vitamins... 

So, look no further. Here are my two staples. Liz earle and N spa. Probablythe  most lixurious face masks I have used in a while. 

If your skin is acting up why not give these thick facemasks a whirl and give your skin some well deserved pampering! 

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