21 August 2013

Sleeping/ Bed Rituals

After a long day of battling commuters tubes and pigeons. I arrive home and there is nothing more that I want to do than curl up with Horlicks and a blanket after I've had a spa bath with facials and the whole shebang. 

But alas I only get time for a half hearted cleanse, sleepily wiping bioderm on my lashes yawning. Sound like you? 

Than look no further my sleep deprived pal, here is my Fool Proof wayof achieving   glowy skin in the morning.

Step 1). CLEANSE! As Caroline Hiron says... 'Wipes are for bums' do NOT wipe your face with make up remover wipes, your face is with you for the rest of your life so dont abuse it, as it is you who will have to live with the wrinkles... Yes I said it wrinkles and CONGESTED skin! Ok?! Rant over. I shall refrain from flinging a simple wipe at you.  

(There is a review to come on this cleanser!)

 Second point of call: 

Tone- ish/ skin food- My favourite is Liz Earle. This is needed as being in London a mixture of sweat and anger of manoeuvring of public transport  makes my face hot and bothered and in need of minerals. 
Step 3). Moisturise! 
This Emu oil as it combats redness and acts as a disinfectant to pesky spots! 

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