06 August 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up

So I am the slow coach of the anti fatigue foundations. Why you ask. Purely as im obsessed with vichy dermablend and have a long love affair with my loyal nude shade. So why rock the boat?

But I have taken the plunge and tried this little number: 

With late night partying ((cough) more like late night keeping up with the kardashian marathons..)
I thought that it wouldnt hurt to spruce up my Monday make up after a 4 hour filled evening of Keeping up with Ks on the sunday. 

So after staring worrying in my reflection at my bags I took the plunge after assessing whether I am getting early age wrinkles.

Now I know I am not the only one who has been lulled into cosmetic counters in awe at the shimmery glittery tubes which claim to keep break outs at bay and give beyonce licous  skin which end up making you look like you are sisters to a tangerine.
This does exactly what it says on the tin. 

Rimmel I bow to you.

My skin looks glowy and shimmery and like I have had an amazing restful nights sleep. I recommend using concealer too if you have bad bags as this lightens more than it conceals but overall I al happy. 

Also like this? Why not let me know? Or add what are your favourite concealers. 


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