25 August 2013

Nars Dupe.

So we all know the feeling, the product beauty bloggers have raved about for months is out of our price range. Brilliant. 

 You awkwardly retreat after your awkward browse from realising you said 'its how much?!' Too loudly under your breath when inspecting the price tag. 

Its all very Awkward. Awkward whale if you wish. All though as tempting as doing this is 'for lols' I would not recommend it. 

But I have discovered a cheaper alternative to the 'Nars Laguna' and 'Nars Orgasm' in the humble shop of Eyes Lips and Face. Elf. 
I love these two shades from ELF they are highly pigmented with shimmer to help you create that 'oh me? I just have been to Bora Bora for 4 weeks' glow. 
Fun and feminine these shades are incredibly similar to Nars but cost £3.75.
They are low cost and high performance. I am incredibly impressed with this collection.

 Below are swatches of the blushes, so you get a feel of how they will look on. 

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