11 August 2013

My beautiful weekend

Bonjour, from France mes amis! 

So a little up date on my journey( aka the epic road trip) I am currently at the foot of Mont Blanc. 

 So I am on route to England, and an staying in Chamonix for the night. It is Probably the prettiest place I have ever been to! This is the view from our hotel. 
We had cocktails on the balcony looking over Mont Blanc and the glaciers. Being a geography nerd, I am in my element! 
Pina Colada anyone? 

River right outside from the Glacier! 

I shall keep you updated on my journey my beautiful readers! I shall also show you my purchases as I may have potentially gone wild at a french pharmacy... Its an investment! We cant buy it at home! Smugaroony. 

Love you all. 


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