06 August 2013

Hello chums

Oh Well hello there. 

I know, I have been awful at blogging. Im sorry chummies! I have been busy holidaying and working. However. 
Fear not as I shall be posting regularly (pinky promise) and updating you on my new summer purchases! I can see you leaping in excitement already... 
First though I shall share with you all a lesson of what I have learnt during the hotness of summer and is thus as follows:
i shall never be the warm
Hazelnut colour I want to be unless i fry myself to death- why may I add would not be pretty or fun. So what is the point in baking myself and getting attacked by large flying beetles. NONE I hear you cry. 
Well chummy I can safely say for me the 'fake it till you make it' motto will have to suffice. St Moritz fake tan anyone? 

Lots of love chumalums (why not) 


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