24 August 2013

Cure for winter weather St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning

So I have been wanting to review this Fake tan for ages as it is unlike any fake tan I have ever used. 

Why you ask? Its missing that Biscuity smell which of course is exactly what you want to smell of when you enter a room full of people. 

Thank you St Moriz. 
What amazed me about this fake tan is its instant nature. Similar to Rimmel it is instant but without the shimmer and it stays on like a regular gradual fake tan! So I can see the level of tan I require and apply it accordingly. 
Another plus point and to me the most important. It looks natural. 

Now I know after having a spray tan, you sometimes look a tad like an orange (or a full blown Orange Tree) and you leave with the promise that it will fade to a 'summer glow' and check every hour to see if the  fluorescent colour radiating from your body is dying down. Unfortunately with no such luck. 

However, you get none of this with St Moriz. I actually had comments if I had been on holiday! Something I dont even get when I actually have been on holiday! 

Therefore, this fake tan is magical. 

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