07 August 2013

Clarisonic Review

Oh the Clarisonic... Beauty Bloggers galore have commented and raved about this little machine. 
It claims to work 6x deeper than your hands alone
I bought mine for £120 from FeelUnique.com 

I was skeptical about this little machine not to mention the heafty price tag! But I have to admit I saw a difference in my skin. After one use the odd black head around my nose- Banished. Amazing. I almost didnt want it to work as I didnt believe the miracle wonders users claimed it provided them. 
However, it really does work, so I am happy with my purchase overall. Whether this is because im trying to trick myself that its worth the £120 to soften the blow is another question! 
Its easy to use and tells you when to stop! Its a very clever little machine I have to admit! Maybe thats why its so expensive...
However the Clarisonic team do say thatyou may  experience   'purging' if the skin. This is where you skin may break out as its being cleaned so deeply, almost like the saying doctors use: 'it will get worse before it gets better' which frightened me a little! I didnt want to spend that much to make me skin stressed! But luckily I had no such effects... But I still say proceed with care, and like any other beauty staple do your research girlies! Then we can justify our beautiful purchases (almost) 

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