23 August 2013

Boots Botanicals Cleansing Milk

Cleansing Milks have not been receiving good Press recently, with claims that they are useless and do not cleanse your face. 

Here I have to disagree.

 I am in LOVE with this cleansing milk. It is gentle for my sensitive skin and contains NATURAL AHA properties. Brilliant. No more blasting our skin with chemicals to turn of cells! 
Now I must admit, I didnt have high hopes that this would take of all my make up. And to a degree I was correct, I sometimes need to double cleanse. However this is only If I am wearing heavy make up if I am going out or going to an event. For the regular day it works like a dream. 

After using this stuff my skin feels fresh and looks healthier, whether that is due to this or my night serum I am not too sure. However, I feel that this plays a big part. It is £3.33 from Boots?! Its cheap and AMAZING. Whats more to love?! 

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